Lisa was invited by the Rotary Club President of Northwick Park to their dinner meeting as their speaker. It was a pleasure to meet all the Rotary members.

Lisa with Past District Governor Helen & President Mollie
Lisa with Past District Governor Helen Antoniou & President Mollie Hacking MBE

Lisa talked a little about her career background and when she was Mayor of the Borough of Barnet, her chosen charities and how she started Dementia Club UK. Lisa then talked about DCUK in association with the Rotary Club of Edgware & Stanmore and how since they started in March and now Northwick Park also joined in the last 2 sessions both Rotary Clubs are working well together and the dementia club is really doing well which is growing with quite a few new members.

Lisa also mentioned how delighted she is that both Rotary Clubs are now organising a launch party on 18th July 2018 Lisa would like to thank President Mollie Hacking and Past District Governor Helen Antoniou for inviting Lisa and her husband Mark to the meeting and also thank the Rotary Club for the lovely meal.

A busy session as normal and we also had a few visitors who came along with some of the carers.

We had a quiz as normal to start with and then James wanted to talk to members about something he recently experienced.

James talking to the members of Dementia Club UK
James talking to the members of Dementia Club UK

We celebrated 2 members birthdays for Mel and Ken and then the session followed with social activities and Tovertafel which is a favourite for members.

Thank you to our volunteers Dr Angela and Mark two of our Trustees and Eva a student who has been attending regularly to help.

Today’s session was led by Eleanor:

"We started off with two quizzes, ‘Find The Football Teams’, with gaps left for letters to be filled in and ‘Complete The Proverb’ where the last word of the saying was missing. Both proved popular and there was fierce competition between the members at each table!

Eleanor then read an extract from ‘Somebody I Used to Know’, a book recently published by Wendy Mitchell who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in 2015 at the age of 58. It was a very moving account of the day Wendy got lost in her office at work. There wasn’t a sound in the room as Eleanor read.

Next it was time for a sing along to some old favourites, including It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles and Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner. It was lovely to see so many members joining in and the gentleman and ladies responded to the challenge of singing a verse each on their own!

We finished with two games of card bingo which is popular with everyone.

My thanks to our volunteers, Melvyn and Eva, and to all the carers who helped set up the activities and cleared up afterwards"

The session today was from session leader Danielle:

“The third meet-up with Rotary Clubs of Edgware & Stanmore and Northwick Park was buzzing, and included two new lovely families. It started with an update from Lisa, who outlined the forthcoming outing.

We enjoyed her colouring-in books, whilst chatting and networking over tea, biscuits and cake. Particularly delighted to welcome the District Governor of Rotary in London, Mike Hodge, who chose Dementia as his theme for the year.

Ron did a great job entertaining us with his music
Ron did a great job entertaining us with his music

Richard managed to get everyone doing chair yoga with his usual humour and Ron did a great job entertaining us with his music. Nearly everyone in the room got up to dance. President Mollie of Northwick Park was able to perfect her salsa moves and thanks to her fellow club members Helen and Ritu for catering.

Lots of activity continued with table tennis, putting golf, darts, giant noughts & crosses and giant dominoes. Rotarians from Edgware & Stanmore showed up in force as ever, including Selwyn who delighted us with his singing, Dr Nandini, Suresh, Angelie, Ronnie Preston, Mike & Anne Turner and President Danielle’s partner, Marcel. As ever, Beryl made sure the venue was ready for use. Smiles all round, a fun afternoon!“

We had lots of activities today at Stephens House. Lisa started the session with a quiz which was lead by Mark one of the Trustees. Everyone enjoyed the quiz especially grateful for the little clues from Mark.

Chair yoga with Richard
Chair yoga with Richard

The session then followed with yoga with Richard which members always look forward to. Lisa then brought out various games like table tennis, giant nought and crosses, darts, Putting golf and dominoes. Members enjoyed the various games.

Thanks to our Rotary volunteers Valerie, Michael and Dick. We also had a new volunteer today Pearl Palmer. Thank you also to Mark for his help and also Risom for helping with serving the teas.