Walking Football Barnet Copthall ‘Forget Me Not’ – 27th Feb

Feb 27, 2024 | Session Blogs

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It was marvelous to see so many members from DCUK attending our ‘Forget Me Not’ Walking football session today, which was held at Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre. Lisa Rutter our Chairman, Faz the session leader and Keren were also helping out in today’s session.

Shaun kindly distributed blue football bibs to wear today which our members were very happy to wear.

The cheerful Barnet Walking football team were on hand to guide our members through simple exercises using an inflatable lightweight football. These exercises included passing the ball to another player by throwing it or kicking the ball.

Alongside our football activities there were various ‘ball’ themed stations set up including our popular golf and skittles. There was an opportunity to practice netball / basketball due to the large basketball hoop set up in the hall. Some members reminisced about the good times they had playing these sports in their younger years.

It was a delight to see members come together as a group at the end when they formed a large circle and were guided to kick and pass the ball to one another. Members embraced the opportunity to enjoy a little play in a group setting today.

After a fun filled hour everyone headed over to the welcoming ‘ Angel Cafe’ based near the entrance to the Leisure Centre for a yummy selection of sweet treats and hot drinks.

This year is a leap year so our members were enjoying colouring in leap frogs and unraveling leap year themed anagrams and word searches. We discussed why we have a leap year, other than the opportunity for women to propose, did you know that each year has 365.25 days?. Another reason we have a leap year is so that the seasonal calendar can be kept in place.

Singing resonates well with our members so Faz leapt into a sing along next!. Song sheets were handed out and we rejoiced singing ‘How much is that doggy in the window?’ and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’. It is always so heartwarming to see smiles on our members faces as they joined in with our favourite songs.

Kevin one of our bubbly volunteers helped Faz to lead a quick fire round of Family Fortunes before we ended our session. A trio of prizes were given out to our winners, well done to everyone for participating so well throughout the afternoon activities.

Huge thanks to the Barnet Walking Football team, Lisa Rutter, Keren and all the staff at the Angel cafe for supporting a fantastic afternoon of fun.