We had 17 members today with their carers. Lisa welcomed everyone and Dr Angela one of our Trustees and also Andrew Mills a church Warden at St John’s United Reformed Church in Barnet. Lisa also wished all our Jewish members a Happy New Year ‘Shanah Tovah’ which is celebrated on Friday 18th September.

Our music entertainer James Le Bec was then ready to start and sang 2 songs before starting the music quiz. The first song which got members moving their arms to was- ‘You got the whole world in your hands’ and then followed with a Cliff Richard song called ‘Young Ones’. One of our carers held a photo up showing Laurie London (the singer who sang ‘You got the whole world in your hands’ ). The photo showed Laurie sitting at the table with them celebrating their 50th the wedding anniversary.

Members were then ready for the music quiz. Everyone is muted so that they can hear each song clip. Before James plays a few seconds of the song, Mark rolls the digital dice which appears on the screen. Members used to physically throw a giant size dice before and it was always good fun trying to get a high score. In the virtual game each time the dice is rolled this is added up to a total score at the end after the 10 music quiz questions. Our score this week was 93, unbelievably one less than last week. We might need to improve this score next week! Thank you James.

Richard Kravetz is then ready to do the Yoga with everyone which members as always enjoy. Richard then continues to do a general knowledge quiz after. Very interesting questions especially the question about who in the Beatles song ‘Penny Lane’ keeps the portrait of the Queen in his pocket. The answer was the Fireman.

Lisa thanked Richard and wished him also ‘Shanah Tovah’. Lisa then read a couple of jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. Our Bingo winners today were Gina and Chris.

Lisa welcomed everyone at the carers group meeting and also Dr Angela one of our Trustees. It was also a pleasure to welcome Louis the grandson of one of the carers who is a student at college and is interested in medicine. It was an interesting meeting as usual and carers in turn raised their concerns and questions.

Carers asked Lisa how her meeting went with Matt Hancock and Lisa informed everyone that visiting care homes is now the decision of the local Director of Public Health and the care home. She has therefore written to the local Director of Public Health and now waiting for a response. Lisa informed everyone also the Matt Hancock said it could be early Spring next year for the vaccine. Dr Angela mentioned at this point about an interesting BBC4 radio programme presented by Jim Al-Khalili where Sarah Gilbert talks about how she and her Oxford team developed the vaccine for Covid-19 so fast.

Everyone then wanted to know whether I had any response from the CEO of Barnet Carers regarding the carers ID card. Lisa mentioned that unfortunately she still had no response but we could all raise this next week when we are joined with Cllr Sachin Rajput the Chairman of the Adults and Safeguarding committee.

One of the carers then mentioned about how devastating it is for family carers not being able to visit the loved ones in the care homes. She sent me earlier an article which was in the Observer newspaper last week which highlights how this has become a very serious mental health issue and how it denies people’s human rights. Another carer also raised how important it was to have a carers assessment which is free. Lisa mentioned that this was a good idea for any carer who needed help not only with any adaptations in the house but if carers needed to know if they were entitled to any benefits.

Some other matters of a personal nature were also discussed and Dr Angela was able to provide some advice which members were grateful.

The meeting ended with one of the carers reading a poem written by another lady carer which was quite moving.

We had 14 members today at the Lisa and Mark Karaoke session. Lisa welcomed everyone and started the Show. We had a very good mix of sing along songs which everyone enjoyed. Lisa then introduced and welcomed Sian Kenrick the music exercise instructor. Sian used to attend the Finchley Cricket Club and some members already knew her so they were delighted to see her again.

Sian had some great music and lots of interesting moves. Everyone followed with great interest especially when Sian started the Salsa moves. Sian finished off with a Frank Sinatra song called ‘When you’re smiling’ for the stretch. Thank you Sian.

Lisa then a quick short joke which everyone enjoyed and then called out the Bingo numbers. It was touch and go today when there were two balls left to call out. Marina and Andreas were the lucky winners.

We had 14 members on this very warm day today. Lisa welcomed everyone and also introduced Percy pig sitting with her which everyone liked. It was good to see some of the new members today too Zena and Maurice and Nyla and Derek.

Ian our music entertainer was ready as usual and always joins early to welcome the members too. Members love him as he is charming and funny. He played some lovely sing along songs which everyone enjoyed. Thank you Ian.

Eon who also joins early with Ian also interacts with the members before he starts the exercise to music. Eon’s salsa type music gets everyone motivated. Thank you Eon.

Lisa then takes over with the quiz. There were 2 parts to the quiz today. A picture quiz showing 10 London landmarks to name and then 6 multiple choice general quiz questions. Pam got the top score followed by Nyla and Joan. Lisa then read out 2 short jokes which members always like to hear and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s Bingo winner was Joan.

We had 20 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and informed them that the last Bingo winner was Fulvia and Shannon they are the ‘Bingo 3 game’ winners as they have won 3 times. A new Bingo game will therefore be starting today – Bingo 4

Lisa welcomed everyone and also Rotarians Nandini from Rotary Club Edgware& Stanmore, Helen from Rotary Club Northwick Park and Laurence form Rotary Club Hendon. It was lovely to see our music entertainer James Le Bec with Joy especially after they couldn’t make it last week because of Wi Fi issues.

James sang a few songs to get everyone singing and then he had 10 music quiz questions. We had 2 virtual dice today spinning just before James played each music question. The last time we played this everyone scored 88 points. This would all be played whilst members were muted and then members will be un-muted to give their answers. The score again today was 88 points which was spooky. Lisa suggested we also added an extra challenge to name 10 famous people. James therefore asked everyone to think of 10 famous people whose names started with the letter P. Members did get the names and the final score was 98. Thank you James.

Richard was then ready to start and as usual everyone enjoys Yoga with Richard which is always fun. Richard then follows on with a quiz.

The first set of questions was about famous quotes and the second half of the questions was about pasta. It was interesting to learn a few things about pasta especially as no one had heard of Orecchiette pasta which is also known as ‘little ears.’

Orecchiette Pasta