We had 21 members today and some new members. Lisa welcomed everyone and also gave an update about her meeting at the council in the evening. She told members that she was going to speak at Council to highlight that unpaid carers who look after over 80 year olds are not on the Government priority order list for vaccination and should be at the top of the list with care homes. Members were very pleased to hear that and wished Lisa well.

Members were happy chatting as usual and it was lovely to see one of the new members who also introduced her granddaughter Amelia who was also then introduced to Helen’s granddaughter Ava. It was also lovely to watch members pets who are very entertaining. Helen also introduced a new game she recently bought called ‘Intelligent Magnetic Building Blocks set’ which gives options to build various shapes.

Jo, Grazia and Enzo also joined today and Jo announced that it was Enzo’s 90th birthday on Friday. Lisa therefore asked members to all sing Happy Birthday and Lisa played the Happy Birthday song.

It was now 3pm and Lisa & Mark started the Karaoke session. Everyone always look forward to the new Tuesday Karaoke session and happy to hear their song requests.

Rachel was then ready to start the exercises and today she asked members from last week to bring scarves or handkerchiefs and hats which are used as part of her exercise routines to popular music. Everyone enjoys the exercises with Rachel especially the line dancing at the end.

Lisa then continued with a couple of quick quizzes and then called out the Bingo numbers. Lisa played 2 games today as yesterday was missed. The winners were – Karin. Zena and Fulvia

We had 26 members today. Lisa welcomed some new members and then started the Karaoke session at 2pm. The chat session then started at 2.30pm and Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced the new members. Everyone enjoyed their chat and were ready for their music entertainment when Katie Paine joined. Katie did something slightly different today. She sang various theme songs and asked members to jot down on a piece of paper which film the song was from. Everyone enjoyed singing along and at the end Lisa unmuted everyone and Katie asked them to shout out the answers. Next week Katie will be doing Scotland them songs for Burns Night and may be members would like to wear some Tartan clothes.

Eon was then ready to start as soon as Katie finished and as usual everyone enjoys the exercises with Eon and gave great feedback at the end.

As Lisa had to leave promptly at 4pm to take her dad to have his Covid vaccination, Kevin one of the carers had prepared a picture quiz of different people to name. Everyone did very well and this followed with another chat.

Thank you to Kevin for stepping in and doing a quiz.

We had 26 members today. It was also good to see our volunteers Melvyn and Annette and also Andrew from the Church in New Barnet. The Karaoke session went well and then the chat session followed until 3pm when our music entertainer James le Bec and his partner Joy joined us. James was asked if he could play an Elvis song today as one of the members had an Elvis T Shirt on. James was happy to oblige and also sang a few other favourites before starting the music quiz. The music quiz is so popular and everyone enjoys it especially as the challenge each week is to beat the previous week score. The music quiz winners were Helen, Pam and Kevin.

Richard Kravetz then joined us to start the chair Yoga exercises. Richard always makes exercising fun. Richard then follows on with his quiz questions and today he chose 5 questions of events in 2020 and the 5 other questions were about ‘cheese’. The quiz winners were Pam and John who won a pretend prize of a – ‘Gordon’s Gin vaccine’ which made everyone laugh.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and to everyone’s surprise after 2 minutes, Stephen and Brenda called out Bingo. It was so quick, everyone wanted a second game. The second winner was then Helen and Chrystalla and Helen’s granddaughter Ava.

We had 20 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and started the meeting.

Lisa mentioned first about recent WhatsApp messages received about changes of their Terms and Conditions. Mark mentioned that their change of terms meant that they would have the opportunity to trawl peoples messages and watch you whilst you are browsing and sell your details. Lisa then mentioned that she would not be accepting the new terms and as such will no longer be using WhatsApp and everyone should also be careful. The worry some members had was if perhaps they would be hacked.

Various discussions then continued and all members were very happy to be able to raise their individual concerns and discuss the difficulties and challenges. This was really nice as this is the whole point of the carers group meeting to be able to talk freely and feel that you are not alone.

We had 25 members today. Lisa welcomed members and everyone enjoyed having their chat. These difficult times has proved how essential it is for people to be able to communicate. Feedback from members are so grateful for having this opportunity.

The Lisa & mark Karaoke Show then started at 3pm and Lisa had a few song requests today which she played and everyone enjoyed. One of the carers Helen also had her granddaughter Ava again who is also enjoying the sessions. She is so sweet and everyone loved to see her.

Rachel the exercise instructor was then ready to start after the Karaoke session. Rachel is still very new but her style of workout has shone through to members and they love it. Her choice of music is very motivational and getting members to learn some new routines and a bit of salsa is great.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Stephen and Brenda.