Today's session was led by Annette.

It was a well-attended busy session and we had two new members. The session began with the welcoming of members, registration and offering them tea, coffee and biscuits as usual. Announcements were made and the updated programmes for the rest of the year were distributed.

It was a day of Poetry. Members were encouraged to write poems and put their thoughts, feelings etc on paper, which they did. The role of poetry in the lives of people was emphasised and members were encouraged to write their own poems which they did; individually and in some cases as a group.

Volunteers read the poems out (Theresa, Melvyn, Lizzy and Kevin) and one of our Trustees, Angela, read out a poem too. Some were popular poems; others were written by volunteers and members. Members all had a great time and enjoyed listening to each other’s poems.

The entertainers Wayne and Charlie were great and everyone had a great time, singing and dancing.

The atmosphere was electrifying and full of positive energy. Thank you to our volunteers – Melvyn, Lizzy Theresa, Dr Angela and Kevin for all their help during this session.