The session was led by Dr Angela Parker today as Lisa was away at a meeting in town.

Members enjoyed looking at a selection of books brought in by Dr Parker covering children’s stories and nursery rhymes. When members finished their teas and coffees, Dr Parker gave a short talk about looking after each other in the hot weather - making sure that you keep hydrated properly as well as using shade and suntan cream.

The time went quickly when Moshe arrived to give a great musical recital of various favourites which included new and old time music. There was some Karaoke and many joined in singing and there were a lot of energetic dancers.

Members were reminded that next Wednesday is the outing to Southend with the coach leaving at 10 am from the Finchley Memorial car park.

Thank you to the volunteers today Melissa, Melvin and Arzu for their help during the session. Great team work running the sessions smoothly in the absence of our Lisa.