A busy session today with our Friends in Need members and other members. We also had a new Rotarian visitor called Shirli.

Simon our Rotary Club quiz master gave out a picture quiz of baby faces of famous people and members had to guess who they were. The baby faces were not cute and this made everyone laugh.

Richard our Yoga teacher then arrived. Members enjoy Richard’s workout as it is always fun. One of the exercises was from a well known song “Swing low Sweet Chariot Coming four to carry me home”

The session then followed with James and his music entertainment. As members were already warmed up they were ready for dancing. James’s name that tune is always fun especially with his throw a Dice. There is always a challenge to get the right answer and get as many points. This was a really fun session.

Thank you to our ladies in the kitchen, Sue and Dorothy for making the teas and coffees. Thank you to our Rotarians Malcolm, Jim and John for helping during the session and Simon for his amazing quizzes. Thank you to Mark one of the Trustees for his help during the session and also Andrew the Church Warden.