This was a busy session as always. Members arrived and as usual enjoy to sit and chat amongst themselves enjoying the tea, coffee and cakes.

Lisa announced to members about 2 outings coming soon. There will be a repeat of the Ongar Steam Train and Afternoon Tea on the 22nd September and Christmas Afternoon Tea at Lord’s Cricket Ground on 9th December.

Lisa then informed members about an interesting article she read about the importance of feeding our brain with the right nutrients to increase the acetylcholine chemical in our brain. This means making sure our diet includes food bearing “healthy fats” – fatty fish, avocados and almonds are top sources. Other foods also include egg yolks, cream, fatty cheeses and liver. Although you don’t need to eat these foods to excess, depriving yourself of healthy fats on a long term basis can lead to an acetylcholine deficiency.

Lisa also mentioned that exercising our brains is important. We rely a lot on our diaries especially as we have a busy life. Trying to remember what we have added in our diaries is part of the exercise and also to try and remember our schedule for the day when we wake up.

We had visitor today – Claire Browning from CLCH Health Team Manager ‘Barnet Learning Disabilities Team’ who came to see the Tovertafel in action so that she could speak to other organisations and bring the groups to try out the Tovertafel.

We also had a surprise visit from Pollyanna Boothby Tucker who used to work in Marks & Spencer Whetstone. She brought in her little cute dog Lizzy for members to see. Everyone was very pleased to see Lizzy who was caressed by members.

Pollyanna is well known for raising funds for charities. She has shaved her hair 3 times for charities, had her bottom plastered and the resulting cast auctioned for the Barnet Carers Centre as well as taking part in a charity skydive.

Lisa then did a quick musical quiz giving members the first line of a song and asking them to name the title. This followed with Lisa reading some jokes which everyone enjoyed.

It was now time for the Tovertafel and everyone including our visitor Claire enjoyed the rest of the afternoon seeing all the various games.