Today’s session was run by Eleanor. We had a good turnout of 35 members and carers who had not been tempted away by the glorious summer sunshine and high temperatures!

Kevin started the session with one of his popular ‘Poll of Barnet’ quizzes and Eleanor followed with a general knowledge quiz. The combined knowledge of our group is amazing and it was wonderful to see so many people joining in.

Next it was Dr Angela’s turn. She handed out an item of canned or bottled food or drink to each table and told us how they can help reduce symptoms of cramp. They included sparkling water, tonic water, oily fish etc. We are very grateful to Dr Angela for her enormous contribution to the Dementia Club and for her invaluable support and advice to all of us, both as a group and as individuals.

The remainder of the afternoon was led by our musical entertainer, Moshe, who performed music from across Europe and invited everyone to sing along. It was lovely to see so many members and carers joining in, with smiles on their faces.

Thank you to Melvyn, Karish and Eva for serving our refreshments and helping to make our sessions run so smoothly. We are so lucky to have two local school students amongst our volunteers. Thank you Karish and Eva!!