Today at the Finchley Memorial Hospital we had a big crowd even though it was a rainy dull day.

We had a few visitors; David Rose from Rotary Club of Radlett visited for the 2nd time and also brought with him Kathy. Valerie Chodosh from Rotary Club of Golders Green came with her granddaughter Saskia and further new visitors; Sue Jessel from Rotary Club of Enfield Chase, Tahsin from Rotary Club of Southgate.

I introduced the new visitors to all the members informing them that they may be prospective partners with Dementia Club UK and also announced the good news that The Fremantle Trust have agreed to sponsor the Dementia Club UK Britannia venue and pay for the hall for 12 months. Members were delighted to hear the news.

In the session today members did arts and crafts. We had some play dough to make things and also some face masks to colour. We also read some poems. Saskia also was happy to read. We then did some singing followed by Tai Chi with Egon.

We had some time for social activities and also one of the carers wanted to talk about a television program the night before showing how the elderly interacted with young primary school children. The program was a study over a number of weeks which showed that children had a good effect on the elderly making them more active and happier.

I ended the session as usual with reading some jokes which members enjoy.

My thanks to Eleanor and Melvyn for volunteering today