Today's session was written by Charlyn Duru (Rotary Club of Hendon Club Secretary)

Today’s session was super special as it was the official launch of The Rotary Club of Hendon Dementia Club in Association with Dementia Club UK. Members arriving were pleased to see sandwiches of all sorts, drinks and teas and coffees.

The number of attendees was phenomenal. The room was full to the point that there were no seats left for volunteers. The afternoon started with a welcome address from Lisa the Chairman and introducing guests.

This was followed by a speech by our special guest the Deputy Mayor Cllr. Caroline Stock who stood in for the Mayor Cllr.Reuben Thompstone who had sent his apologies. She then did the honour of cutting the beautifully presented launch cake with the support of Eugenia the Rotary President and Lisa. Everyone enjoyed the cake which was really delicious.

The afternoon continued with fun exercises from Eon our exercise guru who took us through our paces followed by live music performance from our resident musician James Bernard.

There was a lot of dancing and sing along by members, guests and volunteers. Helen one of the carers was presented with a birthday cake and everybody sang and wished her a happy birthday which she very much appreciated.

This session was also extra special because for the first time we had eight guests from Barnet African Caribbean Association who expressed interest to become members of Dementia Club UK.

Other guests included Rotarian Presidents from Rotary Club of Pall Mall - Sylvia Ponce, Rotary Club of Wembley - Julie Caesar, Rotary Club of Enfield Chase - Lovina Kalu and Mark Rose from Rotary Club of Northwick Park.

Sylvia Ponce presented and donated colouring books and pens on behalf of the Pall Mall Rotary Club.

The afternoon would not have been successful without the help of our committed volunteers Theresa, Annette, Melissa, Bob and carer Marina. Also thanks to volunteers from Rotary Club Hendon - with Session Leaders Charlyn and Eugenia of Hendon, Michelle, Ayo, Franca and Rita.

Also of course thank you to Lisa our Chairman for organising the event and Mark one of the Trustees for helping throughout the session. One member described the session as one of the best she has ever attended.

This was an arts and crafts session today and lovely to see so many artistic talents.

Lisa welcomed everyone and explained the Greek Cypriot traditions with the eggs. Lisa boiled lots of white hard boiled eggs the night before and brought them in for members to paint.

She also explained how they can knock the eggs and play a challenging game. The egg that doesn’t get smashed is the winner.

Lizzy our volunteer also mentioned that in Northern Ireland they also have a similar tradition but eggs are rolled down a hill instead, the eggs not broken are put in a fairy circle to grow mushrooms. Everyone was very busy in this session concentrating on their art work.

We also did some singing with song sheets and Ernie one of the carers read out some funny short stories.

The last part of the session then followed with Tovertafel which everyone enjoys. Thank you to our volunteer Lizzy today who was very helpful throughout and Mark our Trustee and carers who always step in to help.

Today was our first session at The Venue in Borehamwood. We had a few members and also a visit from 2 new members living locally who wanted to see what the session was like.

It was also a lovely surprise to see Cynthia Barker The President of Rotary Club Elstree & Borehamwood who joined in all the session activities and helped during the session.

Members enjoyed sitting and chatting and working on a word search quiz. They also enjoyed playing Jenga building blocks until it falls down.Karen then arrived to do some chair yoga with members which they all enjoyed especially using the colourful silk scarves.

It was then time for musical entertainment with Moshe and as always Moshe surprises everyone with his many languages. Cynthia took the microphone and sang a beautiful Philippine song then Danielle also sang a Bulgarian song, Alfonso joined in singing an Italian song and Mel and Monique joined together to sing a traditional Jewish song called Hallelujah.

It was a really fun afternoon enjoyed by all.

A very busy session as usual and unfortunately we only had one volunteer today – Annette. As always however a few of the carers step in at times like this which is so helpful.

Members arriving were pleased to see the Easter decorative tables with lots of chocolate Easter eggs and Easter cakes with sunflower stick decorations. They enjoyed eating their eggs and chatting over cups of tea and coffee whilst also doing an Easter word search and a quiz on the 1950’s to name some famous faces which members found very interesting.

Lisa then welcomed everyone and gave some programme updates reminding them also of the launch event of The Rotary Club of Hendon next Thursday 25th April. Zack from the BBC also attended today to meet and interview Lisa and chat about the forthcoming documentary which BBC is planning to start filming and showing in the summer.

Zack was also able to meet some of the previous members that had previously been interviewed and introduced to 2 other new families to be included in the documentary.

Peter Webb As Elvis then arrived and members were excited to see him as always. Elvis as usual was winning a lot of hearts around the room and there was lots of smiles and dancing.

A big thank you to our volunteer Annette and Marina one of the carers who worked very hard throughout the session today and of course Mark our Trustee who set up the room and was also very helpful throughout the session.

Lisa wished everyone a Happy Easter and Passover.

Annette took the session today.

Everyone had a great time. There was so much energy in the atmosphere and as usual it was joyful to see so many lightbulb moments on members faces.

The announcements were made as Lisa requested to start off the session and the register of attendees taken. Annette prepared photos for reminiscing today and also included a quiz and jokes; It was all centred on Cars.

James and Rowena Dr Angela’s grandchildren
James and Rowena Dr Angela’s grandchildren

The members enjoyed participating in the exercises which also prompted conversations around the theme. Members travelled down memory lane and shared stories highlighting treasured memories.

Moshe then arrived to entertain members with his music and took special requests from members. He included a Bollywood song for two of the members which they enjoyed. Happiness was on high level and most people were on their feet, dancing.

Everyone left with a smile. Thank you to Dr Angela and Melissa and Melvyn for their help today at the session.

I was invited as a guest speaker this evening at The Rotary Club of Mill Hill at The Hendon Golf Club to talk about Dementia and how I started my charity.


It was a pleasure meeting President Desmond and other member Rotarians and guests.

I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Mill Hill for their warm welcome and especially like to thank Jeanette Poulton for initiating this introduction. It was a very pleasant evening.