Our Dementia Club at St John’s church was very well attended today, we had 28 attendees, including 18 members and carers from Friends in Need.

The session started as usual with members chatting and enjoying their teas, coffees and biscuits.

The quiz questions were then distributed to all the tables. The quiz consisted of 12 questions with the answers relating to colours. Everybody enjoyed the quiz especially when the answers that were given in the answers sheet did not match the questions.

After the quiz we had a new yoga teacher, Sue, that did about 30 minutes of exercises. Sue did very well and made everybody to join in and enjoy the exercises.

The yoga session was then followed with our entertainer James Le Bec who sang his usual songs some of which were selected by the members. James then asked the members to identify various songs and when they guessed them correctly, they were asked to throw a large dice to get points. The members managed to identify all 10 songs and they got a total of 101 points, which were above all previous clubs. The members enjoyed listening to James’s songs and joined in singing and dancing. Members Dancing to James’s songs.

Members Dancing to James’s songs
Members Dancing to James’s songs

Thank you to our church volunteers for making teas and coffees, setting up the venue and making the necessary preparations for the session; Dorothy and Sue. Thank you also to our Rotarians from Barnet; Jim (President), John, Malcolm, Simon and Victor. Also thank you to Lisa the Chairman of Dementia Club UK, for her continuous support making the Dementia Club at St John’s Church so successful.

Today was as us usual a bust session. It was also a lovely warm day. Members enjoyed their teas/coffees and biscuits whilst chatting and Lisa also kept them busy with a word search which they enjoy doing.

Lisa then announced Mel’s birthday and in accordance with the Dementia Club UK traditions, Lisa gave Mel a birthday cake and lighted the firework candle. Mel was nicely surprised and enjoyed the attention.

Our music entertainer James Bernard then arrived. Members were really pleased to see him as he is amazing. James’s choice of music gets everyone up dancing.

Lisa also surprised members today with ice cream and each member had a Cornetto which was really enjoyed. When James left, Lisa then continued to do a quiz. These were questions on a particular year chosen by the members. This was interesting as members were able to talk about the various memories for that year.

Towards the end of the session, Dr Angela surprised us with her visit bringing a cheque to present to Lisa. The cheque was from Christ Church Southgate for £450 which was the sale proceeds of the jewellery Dementia Club UK donated for the May Fair on 6th May. This was a lovely surprise.

Our thanks today to Angela Chen our new volunteer who helped throughout the session. Also of course thanks to Mark our Trustee for setting up and helping throughout the session too.

Our Wednesday dementia club at Finchley Memorial Hospital is always so full. Everyone always looks forward to coming. It was lovely warm day and Lisa announced that if the weather was warm again next week she would bring ice creams. Everyone cheered.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them the updates and details of the next outing to Southend on the 3rd July.

It was one of the members birthday a few days ago and Lisa surprised Sayeed who is 85 years old with a small birthday cake and candle and everyone sang happy birthday. Sayeed was very overwhelmed.

The session followed with a game of bingo and this time we played for full house. They enjoy playing bingo and the prize today was won by Peter and Dawn which was a colourful donkey. They were very pleased.

After the bingo, we did some singing with the song sheets and as Doris Day recently died, members wanted to sing Que Sera Sera first. The session then followed with Lisa doing some chair exercises with everyone and then the last part of the session was followed playing Tovertafel.

Everyone left with a smile. Thank you to our volunteers today Angela, Rosa and Mark our Trustee

The images below were taken during the Dementia Awareness Day at Brent Cross Shopping Centre

We would like to thank the following for supporting us:

  • Mayor of Barnet – Cllr. Reuben Thompstone
  • Cllr. Caroline Stock Deputy Mayor of Barnet
  • Cllr David Longstaff

London Borough of Barnet:

  • Harminder Sanga - Argenti  https://argenti.co.uk/
  • Lily Barnett
  • Peter Hindmarsh
  • Seher Kayikci
  • Dylan Donaldson
  • Tim who looked after the Mayor

The Ionian Clarinet Choir:  http://www.ionianclarinetchoir.co.uk/    https://www.facebook.com/ionianclarinetchoir

  • Ian Rogers- Conductor
  • Adele Gordon
  • Ken Ruffell
  • Jane Forder
  • Bo Bates
  • David Lowe
  • Chris Timmis
  • Josephine Lunt
  • Sarah Giles-Harling
  • Lou Johnson
  • Louise Parry
  • Jen Abelman
  • Rita Porzi
  • Sue Dunn
  • Craig Simons

Tovertafel:    Mehdi Bedioui & Hisham Yussuf  https://tovertafel.co.uk/

WayBack:    Neil Aitken & Patch Wadworth  https://thewaybackvr.com/

Alzheimer’s Society:   Alison Hibberd & Polly Frayne   https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/

Big thanks to Saracens for bringing the European Trophy Victory Cup. We are very proud of Saracens:  Rose Degen & Gordon Banks

Karen Hopkins and Toffee the Therapy dog

The Rotary Club Mill Hill for helping with Charity bucket collections:

  • George Mason, Desmond Gordon (President), Jane & Ken Ferguson
  • Jeanette & Grahame Poulton
  • Mike Moradian

Dementia Club Volunteers who helped with charity bucket collections

  • Annette Edozien
  • Justine Khedoory, Gilda & Stephen Rabin all from Sha'arei Tsedek Synagogue
  • Theresa Animashaun
  • Valerie Chodosh from Rotary Club of Golders Green and Trustee
  • Dr Angela Parker – Trustee
  • Alfonso
  • Risom who was there right from the start to the end over 12 hours

A Big Thank You to all who came to support the event.

It was good to see a few of our usual members today. This is a really lovely venue. Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some painting and colouring for them to do which they enjoyed doing whilst chatting and having their teas and cakes.

Although Lisa had no volunteers today, the carers step up to help with making teas. One of the members was very keen to do some exercises and was looking forward to seeing Richard our chair yoga instructor. Everyone always enjoys the exercises with Richard as he makes exercising fun.


The session then followed with James Le Bec and his music entertainment. James played some lovely music and a few of the members were up dancing. The quiz ‘name that tune’ is always great fun too and a challenge throwing the dice to get a six. It was an enjoyable session.

Thank you to Melissa and Bob, Danielle and Viv for helping setting up the tables and chairs and throughout the session.

Lisa was invited to give a talk about 'Understanding Dementia' at the Parish Hall at St Andrews Church in Totteridge.

Tea, coffee and pastries were served before the talk which started at 20:00. The hall was filled with people including about 8 of or own Dementia Club UK members. The hall had very nice facilities which allowed the use of a projector to show presentation slides and an induction loop system which allowed people with hearing problems to hear.


A lot of people approached Lisa after the talk who themselves have lost loved ones and shared their experiences.

We would like to thank Marion Archibald, Church Warden, Reverend Tim and Lindy Seago for inviting us and organising the event. A collection was taken at the end of presentation and it was humbling to receive £367.00 which will go towards keeping Dementia Club UK running.