The following note was sent to us from one of our members which describes our day out at Bletchley.

All of us, members of Dementia Club UK, enjoyed a wonderful day out and lunch at Bletchley Park which played a huge part in the outcome of the war and were given a history of the place together with the workings of the enigma and bombe machines plus a walking tour by an expert volunteer. We then visited the various huts where the decryption of the code and translation was carried out. All in all a very pleasant and educational day. We also enjoyed the pleasant grounds containing a lake and a fountain. With all our thanks to Lisa and Mark.

With all good wishes



We had a very busy session as always. Lisa welcomed members and organised and gave everyone some quizzes and puzzles to do together as a team on each table which they really enjoyed.

Lisa then welcomed and introduced members from The Barnet Museum – Mike, Hilary, Claire and Maithri. It was a pleasure to welcome back Mike and Hilary who attended previously on the 12th June. This time they prepared an old time music quiz and also brought a big case full of old games from the 1950s and interesting books dating from the 1930s.

Everyone enjoyed the music quiz and some members sang along as it brought memories. The different items also stirred a lot of memories and there was lots of conversations. This was a very enjoyable session.

Thank you to the Barnet Museum and thank you to our volunteers today Melvyn, Lizzy, Arzu and Mark for all their help.

I’m pleased to report that this venue is now getting busier. We had 2 visitors today from Australia (mother and daughter) Whilst in the area they heard about Dementia Club UK and the daughter wanted to visit and bring her mother.

As usual members sit and chat over a cup of tea/coffee and cakes and Lisa also provides some Word Searches and quizzes for everyone keeping them busy. Richard then arrived to do chair yoga with the members. Richard knows exactly what to do to make the exercises challenging but fun especially when he shows members exercises to ‘Swing Low Sweet Charriot’ and the ‘Hokey Cokey’ with slightly different words.

For the final part of the session Lisa got everyone singing to some of the favourite songs. It was an enjoyable session


As usual Stephens House and Gardens was setup impeccably ready to receive members. Lisa was not present today as her mum has had a fall and is in hospital with her broken hip.

Mark and Valerie one of the other trustees welcomed everyone and made sure everyone had some refreshments. We started with a quiz that Lisa had prepared a previous day.

James Bernard was our star singer today. He sung a collection of swing numbers, everyone got up to dance. We all had a great time.


A busy session as usual. Lisa welcomed everyone and provide members with some pictures to colour whilst having their teas and cakes and chats.

Lisa provided members with updates on the outings soon and also talked about programme of events at other dementia clubs. She also distributed some leaflets providing information about Dementia Club UK Social Media. There is often confusion when people are donating to Dementia Club UK as some people donate to Dementia UK.

Everyone was grateful for this information. Lisa then read some jokes from a new joke book which everyone enjoyed and then started a multiple choice quiz. As always this is challenging but everyone enjoys working together on their table to get the right answers.

It was a pleasure to welcome back 2 members of the Barnet Walking Football Team who enjoyed sitting with the members and helping during the session. We then played musical bingo and this got members singing and some of the members up dancing. It was an enjoyable session.

Thank you to our volunteers Lizzy, Melvyn, Melissa Dr Angela, our other Angela volunteer and of course Mark.