We had quite a few members today despite the cold weather. Lisa welcomed everyone and informed them of the new venue in Borehamwood and other news.

Lisa then gave members a quiz to do in their teams. This was a ‘Did you Know multiple questions’ which is not only interesting facts but also enjoyable.

The session then followed with two new instructors – Paul Flavell and Joanna Barnes showing members Chi Kung which is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training. Everyone enjoyed the exercises and felt that they had really worked out. Joanna will be attending all future sessions and members are looking forward to seeing her again.

The session then followed with Ronnie who provided members with musical entertainment. Ronnie knows all the favourite songs and today he also introduced and got members into a circle to dance. It was a very enjoyable session.

My thanks to all the volunteers and also some of the carers who always like to offer and help.

We didn’t have as many members today as it had snowed the day before and the weather was very cold. Lisa started the session with a welcome as usual and was then followed with a game of Bingo which everyone always enjoys and concentrate on listening to the numbers being called.

Artistic rendering from one of our members
Artistic rendering from one of our members

The session then followed with Moshe’s musical entertainment and members getting up to dance. Everyone left with a happy smile.

Thank you to our volunteers today, Eleanor, Melvyn, Dr Angela and her friend Melissa and of course my husband Mark.

This was our first session at 96 Shenley Road. A lovely venue but unfortunately parking was a huge problem. Members that attended and new members complained that it took them a long time to find parking and I also had the same problem. Our musical entertainer phoned to apologise as he was unable to attend. We still had an enjoyable session. Richard managed to attend to do some Yoga with the members and Lisa then followed to do some singing with all the members and got them up dancing to some of their favourite songs.

We will be using a new venue next time due to the parking issues so this venue has now been cancelled.

Today’s session was so full. I was so pleased to have all my volunteers – Melvyn, Eleanor, Arzu, Dr Angela and her friend Melissa and of course my husband Mark.

Lisa welcomed everyone and informed them of the new dementia club starting on Monday 21st January at Borehamwood and also informed them about some exciting outings being organised.

Lisa started off with reading some jokes and as always this is well received and everyone laughs a lot. She then introduced 2 guest visitors – Juliana Martins who is Head Chef at Carlton Court care home in Barnet who was accompanied by Steven who is activities coordinator at the care home.

Steven and Juliana from Carlton Court Care Home with Lisa holding a box of home made cookies
Steven and Juliana from Carlton Court Care Home with Lisa holding a box of home made cookies

Juliana is well known for her excellent culinary skills as she used to work for Gordon Ramsay. The residents at Carlton Court care home are very fortunate to have Juliana. Juliana gave Lisa some home cooked cookies she made and a couple of cupcakes and presented them in 2 beautiful glitter boxes also personally made. The cookies were absolutely delicious and were shared with the volunteers.

It was then time for some singing and Lisa gave all the members the song sheets. Every one enjoyed choosing their favourite songs and Terry and Joan sang together a Frank Sinatra song called ‘You make me feel so young’. A Vera Lynn song called ‘We’ll meet again’ was also played and Laurie one of the members stood up and told everyone how he once met Vera Lynn.

The session then followed with some exercise to music. Whilst Lisa ensures that all parts of the body are being exercised, Lisa always makes sure it is also fun.

It was then time to start the Tovertafel and everyone is always keen to play. Kevin one of the carers was in charge of the games and everyone really enjoyed it. There was also time for a short quiz which is also good fun.

My thanks again to all my volunteers who worked so hard looking after all the members needs and everyone left very happy.

Very busy session at Stephens House & Gardens. Mark started with a general knowledge quiz which as usual was challenging but fun.

This was followed by a Birthday celebration for one of our members Parthenis who was 83 years old and was celebrated in the usual DCUK fashion. He was accompanied with his wife and daughter Marina and they brought a very big home made lemon cake which was really delicious.

Richard then arrived and everyone was ready for their Yoga exercises which Richard makes very enjoyable. The session then followed with entertainment with Helen Tierney.

Helen played a variety of songs with the accordion, harp and piano and her theme today was ‘Sunshine’ as January is normally a dull and depressing month after Christmas.

There was no dancing today but everyone enjoyed singing along to the songs. Thank you to Risom who as usual looks after everyone so well during the session with making teas and coffees and setting the tables. Thank you also to Rotarian Kuljit and his wife for their support and to my husband Mark for all his help.