A very busy session as usual. Members settled with their teas and cakes and Lisa provided them with quiz which kept them busy. Lisa then welcomed everyone and announced 3 trips she is organising very soon which got everyone excited.

She then surprised one of the members with a birthday cake. It was Rosita’s 88th birthday and this was celebrated in the usual dementia club way. Rosita was so happy she was also overwhelmed.

The session then followed with a game of ‘Family Fortunes’. Lisa had some help from Kevin one of the carers calling the questions. This game is always good fun as it encourages chatting amongst members for the answers.

The session followed with some singing from the song sheets and then Tovertafel which never fails to surprise and excite members.

Thank you to our volunteers Lizzy, Angela, Dr Angela, Melvyn, Arzu and of course Mark.

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A fantastic venue and numbers are slowly increasing. Lisa welcomed everyone and made the teas and coffees which members enjoyed whilst sitting and chatting and eating their cakes.

Lisa then introduced a game of Family Fortunes asking members a few questions and they had to guess the top answer which is not necessarily the right answer and therefore this also prompted conversations.

Richard then arrived to do some Chair Yoga exercises which everyone always looks forward to. Richard brought out his colourful silk scarves as part of the exercises.

The session today also followed with Despina who used to work for The Alzheimer’s Society. Some of the members already knew Despina and therefore she was warmly welcomed. Despina did some vocal exercises with members followed by some singing from song sheets and then she handed out some musical instruments and batons which were used to create music and also used as part of a game ‘Simple Simon Says’

It was a very enjoyable session.

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A very busy session on this very warm day. Mark had to take the first part of the session today as Lisa had to go to a meeting at the Finchley Memorial Hospital.

Members were handed a quiz that Lisa had prepared to name different hats. It was very interesting and there were only a few hats that were challenging to guess.

Eon then arrived to do the exercises. Eon is a great hit with members and they enjoy exercising as it’s so much fun.

The session then followed with more exciting fun as Peter Webb as Elvis arrived. Everyone was ready for dancing and Elvis is always a great charmer with the ladies. A wonderful afternoon.

Thank you to Mark for stepping up today in Lisa’s absence and doing a great job. Thank you to our Rotarians Valerie, Kuljit and his wife Satnam and Michael. Valerie introduced us to Rosalind Crofton who may be an additional volunteer.

Thank you also to Christine who works at Stephen’s House for serving the teas.

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A small number of members today but a very enjoyable session.

Lisa welcomed everyone and brought a very big chocolate cake to share as it was Mark’s birthday the day before. Everyone really enjoyed the cake whilst chatting amongst each other.

There was no Annalisa today as she was on holiday so Lisa did a few exercises with members. James our musical entertainer then arrived and as usual got everyone up and dancing and everyone also sang Happy Birthday to Mark . James’s music quiz and getting each person to throw the dice is also a great favourite for members especially as they like the challenge to beat previous scores.

It was a lovely afternoon.

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 We took 34 members on a trip to Southend today. We had a lovely email from one of our members as follows:

"What a perfect day to go to the seaside with the sun shining with Lisa and Dementia Club UK members. First stop was a hearty fish and chips meal and for some a vegetarian option which went down very well. Then it was off on a train ride on the worlds longest pier at 1.34 miles. As Sir John Betjeman said the pier is Southend and Southend is the pier. At least we can say we have been to sea. All in all a wonderful day and I can say we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with thanks to Lisa and Mark for making it a memorable day."