Barnet Carers and Dementia Club UK hosted a celebration of their partnership today during Dementia Action Week.

A one hour Zoom webinar was organised at 2pm to show case what Dementia Club UK is all about. Lisa organised 5 ten minutes taster slots for each talent. Mike Rich – CEO of Barnet carers welcome everyone and then Lisa introduced each of the talents.

The first talent was - Quiz Master – Douglas Jackson who prepared 10 multiple choice questions. People had the choice to give their answers electronically by ‘Polling’ or just write the answers. The second talent was Chair Yoga by Richard Kravetz. The third talent was a multiple-choice Music Quiz by James le Bec. The fourth talent was Exercise to Music workout by Eon Walters and the fifth talent again was Quiz Master – Douglas Jackson finishing off with another multiple-choice quiz but this time it was a picture quiz.

Lisa then finally played 2 of the favourite songs with the lyrics for a sing-a-long – Dean Martin ‘Amore’ and Doris Day ‘Que Sera Sera’.

This was a successful fun event and good feedback was received. Lisa and Mike thanked the talents and Mike also mentioned that everyone would be receiving red cushion also.

We had 19 members today. Everyone enjoyed the karaoke session and the chat session started at 2.30pm. Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some reminders about the celebration event on Friday at 2pm and also the Bank Holiday on the 31st May as there will not be a session. James Le Bec and Joy then joined us and James was going to do just a singing session but everyone voted they wanted a music quiz instead especially also there were a few birthdays for the extra points. The music quiz was great and the winner with the highest score was Gina and Chris. With 9 out of 10.

Richard Kravetz then joined us for the Yoga which everyone really enjoys, and this was followed with Richard’s quiz which today was about the ‘Weather’. It was quite a challenging quiz but there were 3 winners with the 9 out of 10 – Gina and Chris, Stephen and Brenda and Jackie and Joan.

Lisa then followed with the Bingo and the winner today was Booba Beryl and Hazel. As this was their third win, they are the BINGO Eleven winners.

We had 28 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and also Mike Rich CEO of Barnet Carers. Our meeting started with some introductions from members and various discussions. The first half hour of the meeting is open for all carers to raise any concerns.

Andrew then presented his seminar and his talk today was about ‘Dignified Personal care’. Andrew talked through the slides and also showed us a short video about how to hold someone’s hand and make them feel calm and safe. Andrew’s presentation slides are attached. This was followed by a discussion with questions and answers.

Please also see below other suggestions discussed by members below.

Fulvia informed us about the short stories and has provided us with the following link of her favourite story;

There was also a discussion after the presentation about various kinds of bed sheets.

Kylie sheets

Brolly Sheets

Bamboo bedding

Jo has provided me with the link below - mattress protector

We had 20 members today. Everyone enjoyed the new Tuesday Karaoke show and then the chat session started at 2.30pm. Lisa gave a few updates and then there was some reminiscing about food and diets and how they changed over time. This followed with another discussion about what each person or their parents used to do as their work which was very interesting. Ian James then joined us and sang a medley of songs which everyone enjoyed singing along. Rachel then joined us for the exercise session which was great as usual. The session then followed with Kevin’s multiple-choice quiz and Pam and John were the winners with 7 out of 10. Lisa then called out the Bingo and the winner today was Laurie Porter.

Lisa was invited to join the Rotary Club AGM this evening for a special reason. She was formerly welcomed by President Adrian and Valerie and was awarded Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Golders Green. Lisa was delighted and very honoured to receive this and thanked the President and all the Rotary Club members for voting for her.