A hot glorious Summers Day. We had 24 members today plus their carers and families. Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed new members Carole and her husband Ronnie.

Lisa also welcomed a visitor Danine Irwin who is doing a Masters in Dementia Studies at the University of Hull and has chosen Dementia Club UK for her University Assignment. Everyone gave a warm welcome to Danine and also our new members. Lisa then announced the Magic Show again with Alan Hudson on Wednesday 22nd July at 3pm and asked members to note this date in their diaries.

Sylvia one of our carers whose husband passed away recently was going to join the session today but she was still feeling very emotional. Her daughter asked me to announce the amount that was fundraised in memory of her dad Pantelis and also wanted me to thank everyone that contributed. Pantelis was a very gentle and lovable person. He touched everyone’s hearts and he will be missed.

Lisa then introduced James Le Bec our music entertainer who sang a variety of songs and followed with the famous music quiz which everyone enjoys.

The session then followed with Richard Kravetz who today showed us ways of cooling our breath to keep cool and then got us working all our muscles. Richard then ended his session with a quiz and the winners of the quiz with the most points were Pamela and Melvyn. Richard held up the virtual prize today which was a tape measure so that we could all practice the 1 metre rule.

Lisa then followed with her reading of a joke and then finally the Bingo numbers. Today’s Bingo winners were Sotiris, Joyce and Maria De Vito. Well done to our winners.

Thank you of course to our engineer Mark who kept everyone tuned in and the session ran smoothly.

We had 18 members today with their carers join the session. Lisa welcomed all the members and volunteers and mentioned that she had organised and booked a Virtual Magic Show with Alan Hudson on Wednesday 22nd July at 3pm.

“Alan Hudson is one of the UK’s top magicians. He appeared for example on ITV’s Britain Got Talent, Penn & Teller. He is a regular performer at The Magic Circle in Hollywood and is also a members of the world famous – The Magic circle. In fact he’s a member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. The highest position you can achieve. Fewer than 250 magicians the world hold this position.”

Lisa then introduced Ian James who gave us a surprise today bringing to the stage his new puppy. All the members were very pleased to meet Ian’s new puppy. Ian sang various songs of the 50’s era today and also included a couple of tribute songs from Vera Lynn who recently passed away at the age of 103. As always members enjoyed Ian’s choice of music today.

The session then continued with Eon and as usual made everyone work all their body muscles. Always a great workout with Eon. Thank you to both Ian and Eon

Lisa then took over the session with 15 True and False quiz questions and then followed with reading a joke which members really enjoyed. It was then time finally for the Bingo numbers to be drawn and this week’s winner was Chrystalla and Helen. Well done to them.

A very successful session and thanks also to our engineer Mark for keeping the session running smoothly.

The weather today was not as sunny and warm but our Virtual dementia club session was busy. It was quite funny as everyone who joined at 2.30pm were all having their lunch today whilst chatting amongst each other. It was really lovely. Mark said to me how he enjoys seeing all the faces.

Lisa welcomed everyone and mentioned some good news with regards to an anti-inflammatory drug called Dexamethasone which has proved to reduce the risk of death on Coronavirus patients. We now wait with anticipation for the news when a vaccine can be developed to eliminate the virus.


Lisa then explained that in the latter part of the session today she would be leaving the meeting slightly early so that she could attend another virtual work meeting with the Guild of Freemen of the City of London. In the past she would have to forgo the Dementia Club meeting and go on the train to London, so not all these new "ways of working" are so bad. She assured everyone however that Mark would be taking over for the bingo.

James Le Bec was now ready to start his music entertainment and as usual got everyone singing and excited. His music quiz is also a real favourite with members as they enjoy trying to guess the title or artist etc. for each song. James finishes off with getting everyone to sing ‘She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain’.

Richard was now ready to start his Yoga chair exercise session and again members really enjoy doing the exercises which are great fun too. Richard’s quiz which follows the exercise is also a great hit with members.

This is now where Mark took over the last part of the session. Mark read out a joke and then called out today’s Bingo numbers which was won by Joan. This must be Joan’s lucky week as she has won twice now. She needs one more win and we will send her a prize. Well done Joan. A really wonderful session. Thank you to Mark our engineer and for also stepping in today.

Today was our first Virtual Monday dementia club session and it was a great success with 17 participants and their families.

Lisa’s background was the Finchley Cricket Club ‘FCC’ and we were delighted to specially welcome Julian Powe the Chairman of the FCC who joined us and also gave a few words about the FCC and how it has been affected during the pandemic and how he has also been busy refurbishing and painting the FCC getting it prepared for when we all return back to normal. Everyone cheered with delight. Thank you Julian

Lisa hosting the virtual Dementia Club UK session
Lisa hosting the virtual Dementia Club UK session

Lisa then informed members what was planned for today’s session starting with Ian James our music entertainer followed by Eon Walters for the chair exercises and then Lisa’s quiz time, Bingo and reading of jokes.

Ian was absolutely fantastic appearing in an impressive star background. He was a Star and his music was electrifying getting everyone participating. Thank you Ian and we look forward to your future performances when I know you have some surprises in store for us all.

Ian entertains us with his ballards
Ian entertains us with his ballards

It was then time for Eon who was ready and waiting and welcomed everyone. There is no hiding from Eon as he makes sure everyone is participating safely. Eon makes exercises fun but also makes you feel you have worked out. Thank you Eon.

Eon puts us through our paces
Eon puts us through our paces

Lisa then did a short 10 questions quiz which members enjoyed - although was a little challenging! The Bingo numbers were then drawn and today’s winner was Joan. Well done Joan.

To end the session Lisa as usual reads a few jokes and today Mark showed 2 short funny films which members really found very funny. It was a very enjoyable session for all. Thank you as usual to our engineer Mark keeping the session running smoothly.

Another successful Virtual session today with 36 participants and their families totalling over 70 people.

Thank you to everyone with their lovely feedback messages. We have added 2 feedback messages from members below. Lisa welcomed everyone – Members, Volunteers, Friends and Trustees and introduced 2 special guests – Medhi from Tovertafel who members know very well and also a new guest Ian Smith who was visiting as he saw our BBC1 film in February and was interested to visit us. Thank you both for attending and you are both very welcome any time.

Lisa in her new virtual studio
Lisa in her new virtual studio

As this week is also Carers Week, Lisa asked everyone to give themselves a big hug. Lisa also mentioned that today is Prince Philip’s birthday and is 99 years old. All the members at Dementia Club UK and Trustees would like to wish Prince Philip a very Happy Birthday and look forward to his 100th Birthday next year with health and happiness.

Today’s session as seen in Lisa’s Virtual background was at The Finchley Memorial Hospital. Our entertainment with James le Bec as usual was excellent and members enjoy the music quiz challenge. This was followed with Richard Kravetz chair Yoga session and got all the members following all the moves. Richard also followed with a 10 minute – 10 questions General Knowledge quiz which had a ‘Numbers’ theme. The winner who got 9 out of 10 was Pamela. Well done Pamela.

It was Pamela’s lucky day today as her numbers also won in the Bingo with another member Maria De Vito with her daughter Gianna. Well done both of you.

Lisa ended the session reading a few jokes as usual and some words of advice to stay safe and well and wear masks and gloves when going out to shops.

Our next Virtual dementia club session is on Monday 15th and Lisa’s Virtual background will be at The Finchley Cricket Club. We are hoping that Julian Powe the Chairman will also be attending.

Thank you to my IT support engineer Mark for making sure the session is run smoothly with no technical issues.

Dear Lisa,

I just wanted to tell you how brilliant that Zoom Dementia club was. So much fun, variety and stimulation for my parents and all the other people in a kind, supportive setting.  I am very grateful to all involved for providing this wonderful service. Sometimes,  as a carer - albeit not a full-time one in my case- it’s easy to feel very isolated, as if everything is on your shoulders, especially during lockdown, so it was lovely to spend sometime with my parents just having fun.

Many thanks,

R_____ M_______

"Dear Lisa

Thank you for another enjoyable session this afternoon. We really look forward to seeing everyone and joining in with James and Richard. So sorry I didn’t know how to unmute myself after the bingo I did try pressing the red mute icon but it didn’t seem to work. So pleased you have organised another session for Monday and look forward to joining you then.

Much love P_____ and J___"