Mark took the session again today as Lisa Had to go for a medical appointment. The Karaoke session went well. James Le Bec entertained everyone as usual followed by Richard Kravetz who got everyone exercising Yoga and the followed with a quiz about Films and Oscars. There were a few quiz winners – Karin and Corrado, Helen and Chrystalla, Chris and Gina and Jackie and Joan.

Mark then called the Bingo numbers and there were 2 winners today – Pam and John and Karin and Corrado.

Mark wished everyone a good rest of the week and also wished the Greek Cypriot members a Happy Easter. There were a few requests for ABBA songs next week which Mark said he would find for the Karaoke.

We had 27 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced a discussion about DNR ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ This was a request from one of the carers. This raised a lot of discussion and Dr Angela Parker was also able to provide a lot of advice and had already emailed some links to Lisa which would provide very useful information for everyone. Lisa said that she would forward the links to everyone after the meeting.

Lisa then introduced Peter Simaliak who was doing the presentation today. Andrew who usually does the seminars was unfortunately unwell this week and everyone passed on their best wishes. Today’s topic was a First Aid training seminar about ‘Choking’ Peter showed a video and also talked about the various methods when someone is choking. Peter also showed another short video of a new anti-choking device called ‘Life Vac’ which can be bought for about £60. This device is used a lot apparently in care homes. It looks like a plunger and it is placed over the nose and mouth and the idea is that it will suck out the object which blocks the airway. It was a very informative seminar and Lisa and everyone thanked Peter. The presentation slides and all previous presentations can be emailed on request. Dr Angela’s links are below for information.

The rest of the meeting was open to members to ask questions. Lisa thanked Peter again and Dr Angela and the meeting ended at 8.35pm.

Resources Archive/Compassion in Dying

Northamptonshire health care Advanced Care planning document to fill in

NHS England » My future wishes: Advance Care Planning (ACP) for people with dementia in all care settings

Dying dementia and resources

End-of-life care issues in advanced dementia

DNAR forms and CPR decisions

How are DNAR forms issued?

Talk CPR Videos

We had 19 members today. Mark introduced the new Tuesday Karaoke session today which had a classical theme and musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Everyone enjoyed it. Lisa then welcomed everyone and some new people today. Today’s chat was more about everyone’s aches and pains which was quite funny. Ian our music entertainer then joined us and as usual makes everyone smile and sing-a-long to favourites. It was then time for the exercise dance session with Rachel which is going really well. Mark then called out the Bingo today and the winner was Jo, Grazia and Enzo. Kevin kept everyone amused with chat and lighthearted jokes.

We had 20 people today. Lisa was unfortunately not at the session today as she had a medical appointment. Mark however covered the session with Kevin.

Mark welcomed everyone and read out Lisa’s message updates. Kevin then continued to cover for Lisa with Mark helping with the technical side.

Everyone enjoyed the Karaoke session at the beginning and the music entertainment with Katie Paine. Katie also sang Happy Birthday for Helen and everyone wished Helen a Happy Birthday. The exercise session with Eon Walters was great as usual and then Kevin had a riddles quiz for everyone which was fun. The winner was Pam and John with the highest score. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner was John and Audrey. As this was their 3rd win - Lisa announced that John and Audrey were the winners of Bingo 10 and they will receive a gift.

A big thank you to Arzu Bingolo who works at M&S Whetstone for giving up 2 days of her week holiday to do a bucket collection and raise more awareness about dementia. She was also supported by Neil Conwell the Store Manager, Maria Scelsi, Kamal Patel and a few other staff who all volunteered and were all very supportive in helping Arzu.

Leaflets were handed to people who wanted to know about dementia and other leaflets were also placed at the tills. Thank you Arzu and M&S Whetstone for your support which is greatly appreciated. It was also a pleasure to see 2 of the members Gina and Chris of Dementia Club UK who were passing at the time and wanted to make a small donation. Dementia Club UK want to continue helping as many people as possible living with dementia and also provide support and advice to the carers and families.