We had 35 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and welcomed our special guest Nigel Wray who is also our Patron. Nigel spoke a few words to say how he was delighted to be at the carers group meeting and was so fed up with the lockdown, he can’t wait until it is all back to normal.

Lisa then welcomed her Trustees and also Andrew who does the seminars.

Lisa gave a few updates first informing everyone about the new government legislation on ‘visiting in care homes’ and how it was through the carers group meeting when concerns were raised about visiting in car homes that Lisa decided to raise the matter at Council and was able to ask Theresa Villiers MP (also our Patron) to speak at Parliament. Lisa also mentioned that again through the carers group meetings vaccinations for unpaid carers was not on the priority list but Lisa again raised this at council and was therefore able to ask the Leader of the Council to send a letter to the government asking for unpaid carers to be added to the list which has now been done. Lisa also mentioned for everyone to check the website as they will be able to hear her recent talk at Middlesex University about dementia and also a letter from NHS North Central London CCG about Lisa’s achievement in getting the 383 Bus to the Finchley Memorial Hospital which is now in the glass noticeboard in reception.

Lisa then announced and congratulated Andrew and his partner as today they became proud owners of their first house. Everyone raised their glasses.

Before Lisa opened the floor for discussion she reminded everyone that the first 30 minutes of the session was for them to raise any concerns and she would make sure that the concerns had enough time to be discussed. There were a few matters raised about social services and when someone can request them and what they can do to provide support.

It was then time for Andrew to start his seminar and today’s talk was about The Mind and Mindfulness and also Dementia Awareness and the main types of dementia. There were quite a few questions after and members were very grateful to not only receive advice and information from Andrew and Lisa but also from Dr Angela Parker our GP and one of our Trustees.

It was a very interesting and informative meeting. Lisa thanked everyone and gave a very special thanks to Nigel and Nigel replied that he was very humbled.

We had 22 members this afternoon. Lisa started with the karaoke session and as Tuesday is a day of new music requests everyone was looking forward to it. Lisa and Mark also showed a short video clip today of an elderly couple in their 90s dancing and jiving. It was very inspirational. The chat time then followed and Lisa welcomed everyone and reminded them about completing their Census for Sunday 21st March and also it is Mother’s Day this Sunday. Lisa also mentioned about the carers group meeting later and that Nigel Wray our Patron would be joining us.

Ian our music entertainer then joined us and everyone was happy to see him Ian did a little reggae today and then a bit of a general mix which got everyone dancing in their chairs.

Rachel then joined us for the exercises and Rachel makes sure that everyone participates in their own pace safely. The last part of the exercise session is more energetic with salsa and disco dancing which everyone looks forward to.

Lisa then continued with a short quiz on TV Adverts. Chris and Gina and Helen were the winners with the highest scores. Lisa then called out the Bingo and the winner today was John and Audrey.

We had 23 members today. Lisa had a dental appointment and unfortunately was away for the first half of the session. Mark continued with the session however starting with the Karaoke and then Kevin covered the chat time with members after the Karaoke.

Katie Paine performed magnificently as usual entertaining everyone with music favourites and then Eon Walters gave members a good exercise session to his very great up beat music.

Lisa was back at this time and welcomed everyone and also thanked Kevin for covering earlier. Lisa gave some good news updates informing everyone about her talk to Middlesex University which is on the website and also informed everyone about the 383 Bus letter from NHS North Central London CCG which is now in the Finchley Memorial Hospital glass notice board. Lisa also reminded everyone that Nigel Wray our Patron will be visiting tomorrow at the carers group meeting and Dr Rhonda may also be joining for a short time.

The session then followed with Kevin who had organised a picture quiz for members. These were 10 celebrity faces from the 60s. The top winner was Jackie and Joan with 9 out of 10 followed by Helen and Pam with 8 out of 10.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winners today was Laurie and Sandra.

Thank you to Kevin and Mark today for keeping the session running smoothly.

Lisa today was invited by Cristiana Rose of Middlesex University to talk to their Parents and Carers network group about Dementia Club UK.

We had 23 members today. The Karaoke session started at 2pm followed by the chat session. Some members were already dressed up to look like Frank Sinatra – ready for when James joined to start the music entertainment. This got members starting to reminisce and sing some songs they remembered. It was lovely to hear some members singing and then talking about memories of their career. James Le Bec and Joy then joined us and as members were already in the mood singing without any music, James decided to sing along with members before starting his music entertainment.

James then decided to the music quiz a little bit different today. He decided not to play any music clips. Instead he decided to sing himself a couple of verses of a song so that members can guess the title. Members actually enjoyed this and there were 3 winners with 9 out of 10 correct answers – Helen, Grace and Kevin.

Richard then joined us for the Yoga exercises which was as usual great. Richard then follows on with his quiz and today it was about Board Games. They were challenging but enjoyable. The winner with 6 out of 10 was Keren and she won a pretend House in Mayfair as in the game of Monopoly.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner was Kevin and Mabel