Lisa did not run the session today as she had a work meeting, Kevin was able to run the session which everyone enjoyed. 

Everyone had a good chat and one of the members unfortunately told us about his wife being mugged at the ATM in Brent Street. She is OK and not hurt but shocked. Please be careful in this area.

Katie Paine sang her music from the 60's today, and she is looking forward to seeing us at the party. Eon Walters gave us a good workout.

We did not have Bingo today as only Lisa does this well, but we showed a 1959 public information film to kindle reminisces as well as images from the past. This created lots of discussion.

Kevin then gave us a 'Diltoids' quiz which got everyone thinking.

Thank you to Kevin for running today's meeting

We had 16 members today. In the chat time today, there was a lot of talk about football and everyone was happy England won. Lisa then started the Karaoke at 2.30pm which everyone enjoyed and then James Le Bec and Joy joined us to start the music entertainment. James sang 2 songs before the quiz – Big Spender and Country Roads and then he started the music quiz which was from the 50s and 60s. Chris and Gina and Kevin did really well in the quiz. The 10 other additional questions were to name 10 cities with Cathedrals. James then sang one of the songs in the quiz – Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson and that got Keren and Chris and Gina up dancing which was lovely.

Richard Kravetz then joined us for the chair Yoga exercises which everyone participates and enjoys and then Richard did a quiz and today’s quiz was – Euro Food Quiz which was very interesting. Karin and Corrado got 10 out of 10. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today was a new Bingo game 13 and the winner was Booba Beryl and Hazel.

We had 23 members this afternoon. The chat time started at 2pm with various chats including a chat about a new film in the cinemas called The Father starring Anthony Hopkins. It was also suggested that perhaps we could invite Sir Anthony Hopkins to one of our carers group meetings.

It was then time for some music entertainment with Ian James and as usual Ian gets everyone excited. Rachel then followed after Ian and everyone enjoys the different dance routines. Lisa then did a name the flags quiz and the winner with 9 out of 10 was Brenda and Stephen and second was Booba Beryl & Hazel with 8. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner with 3 wins today was Jackie and Joan. They are Bingo winners Game 12.

We had 17 members today. The longest day and suppose to be Summer but the constant rain and cooler weather is depressing. Stephen however one of the carers cheered everyone up telling us about his holiday in the Lake District with his wife Brenda and together with Fulvia and her husband.

We had no Katie for music entertainment today, so Lisa and Mark provided the usual Karaoke session and then members suggested to do more singing which Lisa provided and also a picture quiz.

It was then time for Eon’s exercise to music which is always great and everyone enjoys working out. The session then followed with Kevin’s quiz which was quite challenging but fun. Jackie and Joan got 10 out of 10. Everyone thanked Kevin. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Colin and Rosetta.

We had 15 members this afternoon. This was the hottest day and most probably people were making the most of the day being out. It was good to see our volunteer Melvyn and also Andrew Mills. Everyone had a lovely chat before the Karaoke and then James Le Bec and Joy joined us for the music entertainment. James decided today to a music quiz on female singers. Everyone did really well in the quiz, but our winner was Chris and Gina with 9 out of 10. Richard Kravetz then joined us for the Yoga exercises and then this was followed with his quiz and as Father’s Day is on Sunday 20th Richard decided to do a Father’s Day quiz. There were 3 winners for the quiz – Chris and Gina, Pam and John and Jackie and Joan. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Colin Pulvernis.