We had 14 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed Mike Rich – CEO of Barnet Carers who joined us this evening to talk about the forum we are aiming to set up with Barnet Council.

Mike could only stay for half an hour as he had another meeting to attend. He did however explain the importance of what we were trying to achieve to allow Visiting in Care Homes. Mike informed everyone that if they were able to attend the forum to show support this would be helpful. Just before Mike was leaving, Lisa also asked about carers letters as this was something previously discussed by members as a great need. Mike very kindly informed everyone that he would be happy to provide carers letters to anyone that needed one. Lisa thanked Mike and said that she would be emailing members with regards both matters and letting Mike know.

We also had another visitor this evening – Sharon Tynan from Age UK London who spoke about the importance of having a Flu vaccine. This was an introduction from one of our members Maurice. Sharon was pleased to hear that everyone in the meeting had their flu vaccines. She did explain to us in great detail however the myths about flu vaccines which was very interesting to hear. Thank you Sharon.

Our meeting then carried on as usual to discuss other matters. Lisa informed everyone that she has decided to extend the meeting to 8.30pm and this was decided because in previous discussions it was suggested if another carers meeting could be set up at later times. Everyone was happy with Lisa’s decision. It was also discussed and suggested to set up another chat group in our meeting to enable 2 or three people to have a chat in a smaller group and talk about like-minded issues.

Everyone was happy to give it a try and Mark our technical assistant tried as an experiment to take two of the members out of the meeting which worked. Everyone decided that perhaps we could give this a go next week.

Another member mentioned he has heard that there may be suppliers that offer free central heating and heating upgrades for people that receive attendance allowance and therefore it is worth doing a google search on ECO3 and also enquire with the Council. As usual this was a very interesting and informative meeting

We had 19 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and then started the Lisa and Mark Karaoke Show. It was good to also welcome Aarandale Manor care home. As Sian was still away after a recent loss in her family, Eon then took the exercise session and as usual got everyone working hard and made sure no one was falling asleep!

Lisa then read out a joke and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner was Joan.

We had 28 members today and we also had 2 new members. Lisa welcomed everyone and welcomed Daniel Polak a young University graduate and the nephew of one of our members. He knew that Theresa Villiers MP was joining us today and wanted to see her. Lisa also welcomed Christine Johnson again from Rotary Club in Roding. Everyone was excited today to be seeing - Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Villiers who joined us about 3pm.

Lisa welcomed her informing members that she is also one of our Patrons. Lisa then asked her a couple of questions about the Covid-19 and what she thought about the new further lockdown measures recently announced by the Prime Minister.

Theresa first gave some kind words about Dementia Club UK and the work we do in helping many people in these very difficult times. Theresa then explained how she understands the further lockdown measures will be affecting many people but we have no choice. She also explained how the hospitals are now able to treat someone with Covid very quickly and the vaccine is being prepared.

Lisa thanked Theresa and also mentioned that many of the members here are her constituents and some are from neighbouring boroughs and even from the Midlands. Lisa asked Theresa if she would take a few questions and she was happy to. The first question was from Daniel Polak who mentioned that he had met Theresa at a conference and was also interested now to becoming a Councillor. His question was regarding the American politics and who Theresa favoured in the Presidential elections.

Other questions also followed and then as Lisa had to keep an eye on the time, she suggested that members could perhaps email Theresa. Theresa was very happy. Lisa then welcomed Theresa to stay as long as she was able. She stayed for a while whilst Ian James was singing and then she had to leave.

Theresa sent a text to Lisa to apologise as she was called into Parliament as the PM was announcing more about Covid. The session continued even though it started a little later than usual but Ian was happy to carry on as normal and Eon Walters who started the exercise session after Ian was also happy to carry on a little later. As it was already quite late, Lisa called the Bingo numbers and today's winners were joint with Helen & Chrystalla and Sheila & Suzanne.

The 383 bus service to the Finchley Memorial Hospital officially started today. Cllr Lisa Rutter has worked tirelessly with TfL for over 3 years and is absolutely delighted to have now achieved this.

She says “This is excellent news to finally have a bus service not only for staff and patients but also to all the local community who attend other services provided at the Finchley Memorial Hospital. This is a vital service which many people will appreciate and I hope this service is retained.”

Ciaran and Ami from TfL organised with the bus operator for Lisa to attend on site to see the 383 bus on its first day. Even though it was a cold, rainy and windy day, there were a few people already queuing for the bus.

Although this is a temporary service, provided no major issues come to light, a full consultation on retaining the extension will be carried out in a few months’ time.

Finchley Memorial Hospital Community Health Partnerships ‘CHP’ have invested a sum of capital to the site to enable the new signage and road lay out that had to be installed as part of this new service. CHP want to ensure that patients experience within the hospital is to the highest possible standards and of course to make their journey to and from the hospital as easy and stress free as possible.

The route frequency will remain the same, with a service every 30 minutes (two buses per hour) between 06:00 and 20:00 from Finchley Memorial Hospital and departures times from Barnet, The Spires remaining the same (05:35-19:35).

We had 25 members today. Lisa had also previously informed members that she would be celebrating Halloween today. Members were therefore quite surprised when they saw Lisa with red long hair sitting in a room with huge pumpkins behind her.

Lisa welcomed everyone and also a visitor who was Helen’s daughter Christiana. We were also celebrating Chrystalla’s birthday today even though it was on Thursday the next day. She will be a young 92 years of age. James Le Bec our music entertainer was ready to get everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Chrystalla.

James was also dressed up today in a Halloween scary black cape and his assistant Joy was also in a cat face mask. Everyone sang and congratulated Chrystalla and James also played a song for her as a special request.

The session then continued with the usual music quiz with the dice which everyone enjoys and then at the end the score is topped up with an extra 10 points as members name famous people starting with a letter the alphabet which James chooses.

Chair Yoga then follows with Richard Kravetz and the Halloween theme continued with Richard as he got members to exercise and then he followed with a Halloween quiz and a 1960s and 1970s TV Shows quiz. The winners of the quiz were Gina and Chris, Pam and John and Helen and Chrystalla.

Lisa then read a joke which everyone enjoys and then called out the Bingo numbers. The winners in the New GAME 6 Bingo today was Marina & Andreas.