We had 18 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed Bob Hollweg - activities coordinator with 10 residents all joined in from Aarundale Manor Care Home. It was a pleasure to welcome them especially as they used to attend the dementia club sessions before the pandemic.

Lisa also gave a few updates to the members informing them that we will have a surprise visit very soon from Nigel Wray one of our Patrons. We will also be having a visit from Theresa Villiers MP next Wednesday 14th October and we will be having a visit from Dame Esther Rantzen in the carers meeting in the evening. Date TBA.

It was a surprise today to see our music entertainer introducing his dog hand muppet he calls Theodore. Members thought it was very funny. Ian informed members that he was going to use the dog hand puppet to do a children’s show. Ian as usual entertained everyone with a variety of songs. As Aarundale Care Home also knew Ian, they were happy to see him too.

The session then followed with exercises with Eon Walters which as always gets everyone working hard but its always fun too. Lisa then showed members a funny Abba –‘ Dancing Queen’ Karaoke which everyone enjoyed. This was followed by a picture quiz of Male Hollywood Actors which was challenging but fun. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and todays winners were Helen and Chrystalla.

We had 22 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and it was also a pleasure to welcome volunteers Annette and Melvyn and also our Trustee Dr Angela. Lisa gave members an update about the Covid-19 virus and also announced the Silver Sunday coming up this weekend and the events listed. Dementia Club UK is also listed.

It was then time for our music entertainer James Le Bec. Members have always liked James as he interacts well and they also like Joy his partner. James sang a bit of country music to start with today and then he moved on to the music quiz which was slightly different today. James had 5 music quiz questions for members to name the voice they hear and then 5 music quiz questions to the name the song. It was good fun and members enjoyed the change. Of course Mark was also throwing the digital dice before each question and this made the quiz even more fun. It was a total score of 82 today but with the extra 10 points for naming 10 famous ladies who have a name beginning with D the grand total was 92.

Richard Kravetz was then ready to start the exercises which everyone always enjoys as Richard takes it slowly and makes it also great fun. Richard then continues after the exercises and does a general knowledge quiz. Today’s quiz was 10 questions about the 1960’s. The winners who scored high were Colin, Brian, Helen and Pam. Lisa then read out a joke as usual and then called out the Bingo numbers. There were 4 winners today - Ann and Connie, Karen and Frances, Lillian and Colin.

We had 10 carers this evening for the session. Lisa welcomed everyone and also Dr Angela. One of the carers suggested that everyone should introduce each other. Lisa therefore asked each of the carers in turn to introduce themselves and say a few words. There was no obligation on the carers but they were all happy to do so.

One of the carers showed a 1950’s Scrapbook which she bought from Amazon. It looked very interesting and apparently you can buy all the decades. The link to this book is below if anyone is interested.


Lisa then gave an update regarding the Carers ID card and also an update about the visiting care homes and mentioned that she has had to refer the matter back to Matt Hancock as the Local Director of Public Health is uncomfortable in making any decisions without any national guidelines.

There was talk about Day Centres which are opening soon and concerns as to how safe they will be. Lisa also asked everyone if they had any suggestions for any special visitors and the suggestions were for a care manager from a care home to visit, and an Admiral Nurse. It was also suggested if I could contact Esther Rantzen as one of the carers believes that Silverline which is her charity has joined together with Age UK to take action with regards to allowing a family member to visit their loved one in a care home who only responds to touch.

Lisa said she would of course do her best. There was also various other personal chats amongst the carers. Thank you to Dr Angela for attending the session.

We had 17 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and at 3pm started the Karaoke Show. Everyone really looks forward to this especially when they have given some song requests.

Sian Kenrick is then ready to start the exercises as soon as the Karaoke is finished. Members really love Sian’s music and the exercises. Today Sian also introduced some country line dancing. It was energetic and fun and members love the variety. Lisa then continued the session with reading a joke as laughter is very important and then Lisa called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner was Kevin and Mable.

We had 18 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and it was lovely to see Laurie again a recently joined new member and another new member today – Bob.

It was also a pleasure to welcome Sheila a volunteer from the Rotary Club of Golders Green and also Laurence from the Rotary Club of Hendon. Ian then started his music entertainment and today he sang some old time war songs which everyone enjoyed singing along. It was great fun.

Eon was then ready to start with the exercise to music which everyone enjoys an follows with great interest. It was lovely today to see Eon’s grandson Rafe who is 8 months old.

Lisa then carried on with the session reading a very funny joke and this was then followed with today’s picture quiz which was about naming British Birds. This was won by Connie and Frank who scored the highest points in the quiz with 8 out of 10. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today’s winners were also Connie and Frank.