A rainy day but that didn’t matter as we had 24 members today. Lisa welcomed our new members Olga and Jose and new visitors Susan and John. It was also lovely to see our volunteers Melvyn and Annette and our Rotary volunteers Valerie from Rotary Club Golders Green and also one of our Trustees and Helen from Rotary Northwick Park.

Members had a lovely chat together and then Lisa asked then introduced the programme for today giving members some hints to make sure they were on Speaker view.

There was no James le Bec today as he was on holiday for a week so Lisa and Mark prepared a Karaoke with a Twist Show for 30 minutes. It was a sing-a-long with a twist which everyone really enjoyed. There were a number of favourites including ABBA and Elvis Presley which got everyone up and dancing. In fact members feedback loved what we did so much they now want us to do this weekly.

Richard our chair Yoga instructor was ready and waiting as soon as the Karaoke finished and as usual everyone enjoys the exercises with Richard as they are great fun. Richard then does a short general knowledge quiz after the Yoga and the winners for the quiz today were jointly Chris and Gina and Muriel and Ivor. Thank you Richard.

Lisa then continued and just gave a quick reminder to everyone about the new group chat session on Tuesday 25th August and then read two funny short stories which everyone found very amusing. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and reminded everyone that this was a new game today. The Bingo winner today was Helen and Chrystalla. Well done to them. A big thank you today to Mark our technical support engineer making sure the Karaoke session went smoothly.

We had 19 members today with their carers. Lisa welcomed everyone including new members Olga and Jose. They had technical issues with their camera but still enjoyed the audio and enjoyed the session.

Lisa also welcomed Sheila, one of the volunteers from the Rotary Club of Golders Green. Lisa informed members about recent responses received to her email regarding organising a group chat session and informed members that the unanimous decision is for early evenings during the week. The first group chat session will therefore start on Tuesday 24th August at 7pm.

Lisa also informed members that James Le Bec will be away on Wednesday 19th but they would still be in for a treat as Lisa and Mark have some Karaoke style entertainment with a twist.

Ian James was ready as usual to start his music entertainment but before he started he brought Sonny his dog to the stage which everyone really liked.

Ian decided to play as a tribute some Elvis songs today especially as it was the anniversary of his death on the 16th August 1977. Members were soon up and dancing and moving around to the Elvis songs. Ian then played a few Beatles songs and then some other favourites which everyone enjoyed singing along to. Thank you Ian.

Eon was then ready to start with the warm up exercises to gentle music which then progressed to the more upbeat Salsa/South American music which got members really working out and enjoying themselves. Thank you Eon.

It was then time for Lisa to read a couple of her short funny stories which is always very welcoming as everyone loves to have a good laugh. The quiz today was a picture quiz about Herbs and Spices. There were 15 picture questions. Marina got the top score today. Well done Marina. Lisa then finally called out the Bingo numbers and today's winner was Maria. As this was Maria’s third win, she will receive a small gift. Well done Maria.

We had 20 members today and new members. Lisa welcomed the new members and introduced them to the others as they joined. Two of our members Gina and Chris joined us today from their Centre Parcs holiday at Elveden which was great to see them. It was also good to see Helen and Ritu from the Rotary Clubs and Melvyn and Annette our long term and valued volunteers.

Lisa tries to reveal a different virtual background at every session and today as it was really hot again, Lisa had a moving virtual background of a beach which looked like it was in Jamaica. Some members commented that it was calming and refreshing to watch the sea swishing in and out and brought back some memories.

Our music entertainer James Le Bec was then ready to start and today he started with a song sang by Alma Cogan – an English pop star in the 1950’s and early 60’s. The song ‘Love and Marriage’ was a very familiar song for everyone. James then followed with other music favourites which included the Birdy Song and Que Sera Sera. The music quiz today was based on 10 questions on Elvis music hits which enjoyed. The music quiz winners today was Gina and Chris. James then finished off with another music favourite ‘Coming round the mountain’. Thank you James.

Richard Kravetz then followed on swiftly with the Yoga chair exercises and as the weather was very humid the exercises were not too energetic today. In fact he did some breathing exercises to start with that keep you cool which were very welcoming. It is always great fun with Richard and makes exercising effortless. Richard then followed on with today’s 10 quiz questions. The first 5 questions were famous quotes and for members to say who said some them. It was interesting to note who said the first quote –‘ British women can’t cook’ and this was Prince Phillip.

Everyone enjoyed the quiz and the winners today were Gina and Chris and Helen and Chrystalla. Thank you Richard.

Lisa then carried on with the session reading a couple of funny short stories which everyone enjoys and finally called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today were Nino and Rosita. Well done to them.

We had 16 members today with the carers and families on this very hot day. Lisa opened the session from 2pm and as more members joined it was lovely to see everyone chatting.

Ian our music entertainer played some sing along seaside music which made everyone happy and singing. Eon then followed with his chair exercise session. His funky music was very motivating. It didn’t matter how hot it was as everyone enjoyed following the exercises. Thank you Ian and Eon.

Lisa then followed with a flower picture quiz today and everyone did really well recognising the names of various flowers. Lisa then read some short jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner was Jo and Grazia and Enzo. Thank you as always to our Service engineer Mark and it was lovely to see Valerie one of our Trustees and Rotarian.

We had 17 members today with their carers. Our new opening times for the session at 2pm is working well and members appreciate the extra time to chat. Lisa welcomed everyone as they joined. James Le Bec was then ready to start his performance and sang a few songs before starting his music quiz which everyone really looks forward to. James’s sound system is now perfect. Everyone was on mute whilst James played each song for the quiz and then un-muted for the answers. Everyone did really well in the quiz scoring 24 points. Thank you to Joy in the background who helps also. James then finished off with the 2 favourites ‘Coming Round the Mountain’ and Doris Day. Thank you James.

Richard Kravetz was ready as soon as James finished to start the chair Yoga exercises. Today it was chair Yoga with a twist. Everyone is always very engaged doing all the exercises which are also great fun. Richard continues straight after the exercise with a short quiz and today the quiz was about Britain’s favourites. It was interesting to know in the quiz that Britain’s favourite biscuits before the pandemic was ‘Chocolate Digestives’ and Britain’s favourite snacks after the lockdown were ‘Cheese and Onion crisps’. The highest scorers in the quiz today getting 8 out of 10 were Gina and Chris, Frances and Keren, and Pam and John, Well done to them. Richard informed the winners that their prize today is a virtual box of ‘Cheese and Onion crisps’.

Thank you Richard.

Lisa then continued with the session reading a few story jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. The winners today for the Bingo were Pamela and John. Well done to them.