We had 21 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and then started the Lisa & Mark Karaoke session. Members are really enjoying this and so much good feedback is being received to say that even the most progressed of members with dementia are enjoying to read the lyrics and singalong.

Lisa then changed the order a little today and called out the Bingo numbers after the karaoke as she had another meeting she needed to go to at 4pm. Today’s Bingo winners were Stephen and Brenda.

The session then followed with Sian who does the exercises with the members. Everyone really enjoy exercising with Sian as she has a different twist to what she does which also includes some line dancing and salsa for those who want to. Mark who had to take over to close the session wished everyone a happy rest of the day and reminded them of the carers session later and the session tomorrow.

We had 25 members today and it was lovely to welcome again Lawrence from Rotary Club Hendon, Christine from Rotary Club Roding and Sheila from Rotary Club Golders Green. Lisa announced sadly the loss of one of our members Ella. She did in fact come to our zoom session 2 weeks ago to visit and it was so lovely for all the members to see her and Ella was also very happy to see friends. Everyone was very sad to hear that she passed away.

Ian our music entertainer was ready with a new improved sound system today and also played some Motown music which everyone really enjoyed. Eon our exercise instructor then followed and surprised everyone with some Greek music to start with for the warm up and then followed on also with some Motown music which was great to exercise to.

Lisa then did a quick picture quiz asking members to see if they could recognise from the pictures what the horror film was called. This was a bit challenging and members needed some clues. It was still fun though. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and todays winners were Muriel and Ivor.

Lisa was unable to take the meeting today as she had a family emergency, Mark ran the session which run smoothly ending with Bingo and the winners today were Karin and Corrado.

We had 14 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed Mike Rich – CEO of Barnet Carers who joined us this evening to talk about the forum we are aiming to set up with Barnet Council.

Mike could only stay for half an hour as he had another meeting to attend. He did however explain the importance of what we were trying to achieve to allow Visiting in Care Homes. Mike informed everyone that if they were able to attend the forum to show support this would be helpful. Just before Mike was leaving, Lisa also asked about carers letters as this was something previously discussed by members as a great need. Mike very kindly informed everyone that he would be happy to provide carers letters to anyone that needed one. Lisa thanked Mike and said that she would be emailing members with regards both matters and letting Mike know.

We also had another visitor this evening – Sharon Tynan from Age UK London who spoke about the importance of having a Flu vaccine. This was an introduction from one of our members Maurice. Sharon was pleased to hear that everyone in the meeting had their flu vaccines. She did explain to us in great detail however the myths about flu vaccines which was very interesting to hear. Thank you Sharon.

Our meeting then carried on as usual to discuss other matters. Lisa informed everyone that she has decided to extend the meeting to 8.30pm and this was decided because in previous discussions it was suggested if another carers meeting could be set up at later times. Everyone was happy with Lisa’s decision. It was also discussed and suggested to set up another chat group in our meeting to enable 2 or three people to have a chat in a smaller group and talk about like-minded issues.

Everyone was happy to give it a try and Mark our technical assistant tried as an experiment to take two of the members out of the meeting which worked. Everyone decided that perhaps we could give this a go next week.

Another member mentioned he has heard that there may be suppliers that offer free central heating and heating upgrades for people that receive attendance allowance and therefore it is worth doing a google search on ECO3 and also enquire with the Council. As usual this was a very interesting and informative meeting

We had 19 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and then started the Lisa and Mark Karaoke Show. It was good to also welcome Aarandale Manor care home. As Sian was still away after a recent loss in her family, Eon then took the exercise session and as usual got everyone working hard and made sure no one was falling asleep!

Lisa then read out a joke and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner was Joan.