We had 14 members who joined today with their carers. As it was the day after the Bank Holiday there were not as many members as usual. Lisa welcomed everyone. The Lisa and Mark Karaoke Show was however a great success and as there was no exercise session after, it was a special one hour and twenty minutes Show. Members really enjoyed the Show which then followed with Lisa calling out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winner was Fulvia and Shannon again – well dome to them.

We had 11 members today as it was a Bank Holiday. It was still a great session. Lisa welcomed everyone including our new members today Karin and Corrado. Lisa then reminded everybody about the Karaoke session tomorrow and carers session in the evening and of course the session on Wednesday.

Ian James was then ready to start the music entertainment and as usual got everyone singing with some of the music favourites and also some Cliff Richard today. Thank you Ian.

As we had no Eon Walters today for the exercises, Lisa went straight to doing a quiz and today’s quiz was about favourite biscuits. There was a easy picture quiz to start with followed by 10 interesting biscuit questions.

One of the questions was @According to a 2009 report nearly half the UK population has been injured by a biscuit – which biscuit was revealed to have caused the most injuries? The answer is a Custard Cream. Another interesting question was which member of the Royal Family had a cake at their wedding made from 1700 Rich Tea biscuits and the answer is Prince William.

After the quiz Lisa read out a couple of jokes. One of the jokes was read together with Mark which was very funny. Finally Lisa called out the Bingo numbers and today’s winner was Fulvia and Shannon. Well done to them. It was lovely to see Sheila today one of the Rotary Club of Golders Green volunteers.

We had 23 members today with their carers and also Dr Angela one of our Trustees. Everyone was happy chatting as usual and some of the members commented how helpful the carers meeting was yesterday evening. Lisa informed everyone today that her mum and dad were going to join the meeting from the care home.

It was Lisa’s mum 88th birthday today. The care home had a cake ready with a candle and everyone sang happy birthday to her. James Le Bec who joined earlier than usual followed with singing Que Sera Sera. Thank you James.

It was also Andreas’s birthday yesterday (Marina’s husband) and everyone also wished Andreas a happy birthday. It was lovely to also meet Helen’s daughter today Christiana.

James Le Bec and Joy were ready now to continue and James sang a couple of more songs and was then ready for the music quiz. Lisa decided to do the music quiz slightly different today using digital dice. The idea was that Lisa would call one of the members to shout ‘Roll the Dice’ or GO and the dice would roll. Joy would then keep a running total. There were 10 music questions and the total number today achieved was 88 – which was quite overwhelming for Lisa especially as this was mum’s age today.

Members feedback on the dice was half and half as they were not sure if it was a good idea especially as no one was muted. We may try slightly different next week. It was still good fun however.

Richard Kravetz then followed with chair Yoga and as usual everyone really enjoys the exercises as Richard always makes it fun. Richard then continues with his quiz and todays’ quiz was food and drink and then 3 more general knowledge questions at the end. The winner for the quiz today was Joan with 9 out of 10. Well done Joan and thank you Richard.

Lisa then reminded everyone of next week’s sessions which are now Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and also not to forget the carers session on Tuesday evening. Although next Monday is Bank Holiday, Lisa announced that she will still be doing the session.

Lisa then read a couple of funny short stories and the called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winner today was Jeanette again – twice in one week. Well done Jeanette.

Our first carers meeting this evening. We had 19 participants which included the 6 Trustees.

One of the carers had already sent a question in advance of the meeting and therefore Lisa took that question first which was about Carers ID cards. Everyone in the meeting agreed that it was important especially in these difficult times for carers to be able to hold a Carers ID badge to be identified and given the same status as NHS workers.

Lisa said that she would look into this and may be work with Barnet Carers to produce a Carers ID card that fits in a wallet.

Nick one of the Trustees also mentioned that it would be a good idea if everyone who has a phone made sure that they filled in their details in the In Case of Emergency ‘ICE’ . ICE is a program that enables first responders such as paramedics, firefighters and police officers as well as hospital personnel to contact the next of kin of the owner of a mobile phone to obtain important medical or support information. (the phone must be unlocked and working) On an apple phone there is a way however to unlock the phone.

Other topics of conversation were about when a referral is made to the Psychiatrist Consultant at the hospital, there is no continuity with the patient as the patient is discharged after 6 months which means that a carer has to go back to their GP again if their loved one needs to be seen.

We also talked about the difficulties of seeing a GP and all surgeries have different rules with regards to whether they see you or do telephone consultations. The dentists seem to be more organised in seeing their patients as they are PPE prepared with every patient they see. We also talked about ‘incontinence pads’ and how you can go to your GP to ask if you can get these free. There was a mix of views about this and it would appear that you are only allowed to have one Pull Up incontinence pad free which is illogical especially if someone needs 6 incontinence pads every day.

Carers were also able to chat about more personal matters of concern which also helped.

This was a successful meeting. Lisa would like to thank all her Trustees for attending this evening.

We had 19 members today with their carers. We also had a few new members – Bob and wenda and Mary and James. Lisa welcomed them and introduced them during the chat session to the other members. It was also lovely to see Valerie a Rotary of Golders Green member and also one of our Trustees. Lisa had a few words of advice to give members today about how to wear face masks properly and informed everyone that there have been a few spikes of the virus in some areas and therefore we should all be very careful.

Lisa also mentioned that she has been looking at outings for next year and mentioned that she thought a trip to Highgrove House where the Prince of Wales lives for a Champagne afternoon Tea and a tour of the grounds might be something to look forward to. Members were delighted to hear this.

Ian was ready to start and always joins in early to say hello to all the members. It was a pleasure today to also meet his family, Sharon his partner and their son Max who joined in with Ian to sing a few lines to a song. Thank you Ian.

Eon was then ready for the chair exercise session. As usual Eon gives everyone a good whole body workout. He always makes working out fun and you can’t hide from Eon as he watches everyone closely. Thank you Eon

It was then joke time and Lisa put up a picture of a 105 year old and read out her good advice list for living long which was funny. Lisa then out 2 short funny stories and then there was a picture quiz. This week’s picture quiz was chocolate bars and the winner was Helen and Chrystalla who scored 14 out of 20. Well done to them knowing their chocolates. It was then time for the Bingo and this week’s winner was Jeanette. Well done Jeanette.