Due to the success of our new virtual Dementia club sessions we have had lots queries from prospective new members on how to join the sessions. We have written a Zoom guide to help people.

Zoom Guidelines
Zoom Guidelines

Click on the image on the left to view our shared download folder. Click on the "guidelinesForZoom.pdf" to download


Our second session today and our virtual background was set at Finchley Memorial Hospital to give our members a sense of familiarity. Lisa made sure the tables were set up with the plates of biscuits Another tremendous virtual session.

Lisa with green screen playing virtual Bingo
Lisa with green screen playing virtual Bingo

Lisa welcomed members, volunteers and Trustees and gave a few updates. Lisa mentioned the new updated website and social media and donations page updates. She also informed members about the recent disappointing response from BBC refusing to allow our charity to show our film which was featured on InsideOut London on the 10th February this year.

Lisa then thanked all the volunteers as this week is Volunteers week. She also announced Joan’s birthday which was today and everyone sang and wished Joan a Happy Birthday.

It was now time for James Le Bec to perform and as usual James soon got everyone’s attention singing and swinging. James’s music quiz at the end is always a big hit especially as there are points to score. James was happy to report that we scored 20 points today and the highest so far.

James Le Bec viewed from one of our members iPad
James Le Bec viewed from one of our members iPad

Thank you James for a wonderful performance. Lisa then introduced Richard Kravetz and as usual Richard got everyone exercising every part of the body. His style and techniques of teaching makes exercising fun. Thank you Richard.

Richard Kravetz taking us through a chair yoga routine
Richard Kravetz taking us through a chair yoga routine

Lisa then read out a few jokes as “laughter is the best medicine” It was then time for the Bingo. Lisa called out the numbers and soon one of the members called out "Bingo". Well done Jo, Grazia and Enzo.

Thank you to Mark my technical assistant next to me and also Nick for his background technical support which is invaluable.

On the 10th February 2020 we were delighted that our charity Dementia Club UK was featured on the BBC1 Inside Out London Programme.

People that missed the film have been asking us where they can view the film as it is not on the iPlayer any more. 

Unfortunately we have been told by the BBC that they will not allow us to show the film despite much correspondence. In their words they said; “We have checked this with the appropriate areas and have been advised that this material should not be licensed for use on your charity’s website due to the sensitive nature of the material, and the fact that such use might imply BBC endorsement of the charity”

The whole purpose of the film was to raise awareness of dementia and help as many people as possible. This is very disappointing and a real shame especially as dementia is now the biggest health concern and is increasing at an alarming rate.

We had a tremendous response to our first virtual Dementia Club session today with 37 participants with their families which equated to about 70 people engaged in the session.

Lisa did her usual welcome which initiated a lot of waving and everybody chatting and trying to talk at the same time. It was lovely to see so many familiar and new faces after such a long lock down. It was very overwhelming for everybody.

Lisa running the first virtual session from her office
Lisa running the first virtual session from her office

Lisa then introduced our musical entertainer, James Le Bec who was pleased to see everyone. He did a number of favourite sing-a-longs and although everyone was muted during his performance you could see everyone was singing and waving their arms.

James then did his usual music quiz which everyone enjoyed. Everyone was un-muted for this part of the session which produced a lot of excitement from members shouting out answers.

Lisa then introduced Richard Kravetz who gave fun yoga chair exercises. It was hard work for some members due to the lack or exercise during lock down but there were still lots of smiles and laughter. Everyone thanked James and Richard for their fantastic performances.

To finish off Lisa read a couple of jokes as Lisa has always said to members "laughter is the best medicine" and finally got everyone to sing their favourite song - "She'll be be coming round the mountain", then wishing everyone a safe journey "home".

Due to the success of this session we will be running this every Wednesday at 3pm. We will consider more sessions if there is a demand.

Dear Members,

Be aware that opportunists and criminals can take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable who are self-isolating during this period of Coronavirus outbreak.

There are people calling door to door proclaiming to be carrying out Coronavirus testing at your home for you on behalf of NHS or you GP.

The NHS are NOT conducting any door to door initiatives in regards to testing individuals for the Coronavirus, these are thieves trying to get into your home.

If anyone knocks on your door proclaiming to be conducting the tests please call the Police.

Anyone being offered "kindness" by cold callers by way of running errands, collecting prescriptions and doing shopping should not accept services from STRANGERS who may ask for cash up front, a credit card and its PIN, or gain trust simply to execute a more elaborate scam.

Since February 2020, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has identified 21 reports of fraud where Coronavirus was mentioned, with victim losses totalling over £800k. Ten of these reports were made by victims that attempted to purchase protective face masks from fraudulent sellers. Reporting numbers are expected to rise as the virus continues to spread across the world.