We kick-started the year at Kentish Town Sports Centre in great spirits on the 16th January. Teas, coffees, biscuits and fresh fruit were served as usual and Lisa also brought a big cake.

We had a few visitors today from local organisations including Julia Baker from Association for Jewish Refugees and Ian from BAT Therapy Foundation. Lisa and Adriana welcomed everyone and also welcomed 2 new members.

We were joined by Ping is King Ltd who provided a variety of games, including table tennis which proved to be very popular as we saw a few quite intense rallies! Our new attendees to the session also enjoyed themselves very much.

Thank you to Adriana, Lisa and Mark and Muz and Faz from Ping is King Ltd for a fantastic session.

A very busy session as usual today. Everyone was very excited today as they were looking forward to seeing James Bernard – his last performance before he leaves and emigrates to Los Angeles where his career in music will be taking off.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave an update with regards to future events on the programme. There was a birthday to celebrate today. It was Parthenis 84th Birthday. His wife brought the cake and as usual it was celebrated the Dementia Club UK style with a firework candle. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and Parthenis was very happy.

Another carer also brought a cake today and this was shared out too. James Bernard then made a grand entrance and everyone was so pleased to see him. Whilst he was getting ready to set up he had to pop out the room and Lisa had a surprise big cake for him with a firework candle on. As soon as he walked back everyone started singing –‘Congratulations and Celebrations’ .

James had no idea that it was for him and when he realised he was very touched. Everyone had a really enjoyable afternoon with lots of dancing and then wished James all the best for the future. Thank you to our volunteers today , Angela Chen, Radha, Melvyn and Annette and of course Mark.

We had a good number of members today. Muz and Faz from Ping Is King Ltd set up the games on the other tables and also had prepared some colouring for members to do whilst they were having their teas/coffees and biscuits

Muz asked members to either write or talk about their new Year’s Resolutions. Everyone preferred to talk and therefore each person around the table took turns. It was interesting to hear all the different resolutions and some quite funny.

The session then continued with Yoga with Richard which is always great fun and a good workout.

Members then sat around the other game tables which were ready and set up by Muz and Faz and enjoyed passing the small table tennis balls across the table to their partner opposite through the colourful cups as a challenge. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Thank you to Muz and Faz and Mark and also James one of the carers for helping set up the tables.

This was our first session of the year at the Finchley Cricket Club and was a very busy session. This new venue has become a real favourite and members really look forward to attending as it is so warm and welcoming.

Lisa welcomed members wishing them a Happy New year and introduced the new hosts Julian and Jacqueline who have taken over from Ami and Sarah. Lisa wished Ami and Sarah all the best and introduced Julian the Chairman of the Finchley Cricket Club. Julian and Jacqueline prepared a beautiful buffet spread of cheese sandwiches and Ham sandwiches and delicious looking cup-cakes and other biscuits.

When members were sat at their tables, Lisa gave members some Word Searches and also some magic water colour painting to do which they all enjoyed doing whilst happily chatting to each other. Julian and Jacqueline then started to serve with the help of the volunteers and a few of the carers also helped - Marina and Rosetta.

Members really appreciated all the fuss and enjoyed eating the lovely sandwiches and cakes. Lisa provided members with an update including details of the next outing and also thanked the volunteers today – Risom, Rotarians – Valerie (also our Trustee), Michael and Sheila. Radha and Melissa and her husband Bob. My thanks to everyone that helped today including Mark who is one of the Trustees.

Lisa then called Valerie who gave members some House Keeping information with regards to where the toilets are and fire exit and also then informed members about the next dementia club sessions this week. Valerie tried to do a short quiz but this was soon aborted as members were enjoying chatting.

Eon our exercise instructor then arrived and as usual Eon made sure members exercised from top to toe. Eon always makes exercise enjoyable. The session then followed with Ian our music entertainer who got everyone up and dancing. The room was filled with joy and excitement and laughter. It was a perfect afternoon and everyone left saying how the venue was so perfect and they really enjoyed the afternoon.

Today was our first session of the year at the Finchley Memorial Hospital and it was buzzing with so many members. Everyone said how they really missed the sessions over the festive period.

Lisa welcomed everyone and then asked Mark to read out the quiz questions which today were about fire safety especially as we were expecting the Fire Brigade to be visiting today to give members a brief talk about fire safety. Members did really well with the questions.

We then followed with some birthday celebrations. As Peter and Dawn’s birthday is on the 11th and 12th January, they didn’t mind celebrating their birthdays and therefore Lisa prepared a large Panettone cake with the usual firework candle which members always enjoy seeing. As there was another birthday a little later on in the month for another member, everyone also sang Happy Birthday to Enzo too.

We then had some time for a couple of our members who wanted to share some of their Christmas experiences.

James talked to us about some of the medals he was given by a family member recently. In the photo;

The item on the left is a Para Regiment Medal (Northern Ireland, Falklands, Argentina clasps) Top middle – Royal Regiment of Fusiliers C1854 Cap Badge (Crimean War) Middle bottom – Parachute Regiment cap badge To the right – SAS cap badge

Thank you James for sharing this with us Laurie then wanted to say how he did not enjoy being bossed! around over Christmas by the family but was very proud to become a Great Great Grandfather. Thank you Laurie.

It was then time for our Firemen who arrived and received a warm welcome. We had Matthew, Adam and Karl from the North Finchley fire station. They gave members a short talk about fire safety and members also asked questions. We are very grateful for them attending. It was lucky they stayed for 3o minutes and then they had an emergency call and they had to run.

The session then continued – Lisa did some exercises with everyone and then there was the Tovertafel followed with some music and dancing. A busy and very enjoyable first session of the year.