It was good to see quite a few members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and then introduced Muz who came by himself today. Muz has been visiting all the dementia club venues. The session first started with a quiz which Muz had prepared.

Members enjoyed doing the quiz whilst chatting and drinking their teas /coffees and cakes. Richard then arrived to do the chair yoga. Mark had already set up the chairs for the exercise and members were therefore able to take their seats quickly. As usual Richard got the members working all parts of their body whilst also making it fun.

After the exercise, Muz then invited all the members to sit around some small table tennis tables which were already set up with lots of colourful cups. Muz explained the games and members were soon enjoying rolling and bating balls across each other. Some of the games were challenging and even the Rotarians were eager to play. It was a very enjoyable session.

Thank you to Muz for showing members such wonderful games. Thank you to the Rotarians – Jeanette, Jane, Desmond and Bobsie. It was also nice to see Theresa attending to volunteer and of course thank you to Mark for helping Muz to set up and also set up all the tables and chairs.