Our Dementia Club session today was attended by 8 members.

Our doctor Rebecca Hatjiosif also attended the session and offered to take blood pressures for anyone who wanted. Dr Rebecca also reminded everyone that if they didn’t have their flu jabs yet then they should go to have it done. She also mentioned that the Shingles injection was also important to have if you are between 70 to 80 years of age.

Lisa welcomed everyone giving some updates and letting members know that they had an exciting afternoon to look forward to. Lisa then informed everyone that there was a birthday to celebrate first. It was Shital’s birthday today and all the members sang happy birthday to him. Lisa brought a cake and as usual the birthday was celebrated the Dementia Club UK fashion with a firework candle. Shital also brought a box of chocolates to share with everyone.

Lisa then introduced Muz and Faz who brought some exciting games for everyone. They brought with them a table tennis table for 8 players. The members were asked to roll, bounce and throw the tennis ball and hit it with their tennis rackets to the person sitting opposite. They then introduced some colourful cups to try and get the tennis balls inside. All the members enjoyed themselves and tennis balls were flying everywhere.