I was delighted to attend and participate in the Lord Mayor’s Show on Saturday 9th November and join the Metropolitan Grand Lodge & Chapter of London Freemasons float.

It was a pleasure to be walking beside a Fire Engine and supporting your charitable cause to purchase for the London Fire Brigade (LFB) two 60 metre long super-aerial platforms which can reach to the 25th floor of high rise blocks.

It was a pleasure to participate in this parade and I would also like to thank the Metropolitan Grand Lodge for also allowing me to raise the profile of my charity Dementia Club UK by holding up a banner during the show.

The photos show the Great Hall at St Barts Hospital in London where we met and prepared for the Lord Mayors Show. There are magnificent murals by Hogarth as you walk up the stairs to the great Hall. We had lunch in the Great Hall after the show was over. The photos also depict what it is like waiting for your turn to start the route, there were lots of similar streets with everyone waiting. You get a chance to chat and mingle with the other people in the show.