Today was even more busier than ever. Lisa welcomed everyone and kept everyone busy with word searches, crosswords and painting whilst also enjoying their teas/coffees and cakes.

We had a visitor today which everyone welcomed – The Revd Tristan Chapman, team Vicar of St Stephen’s, Bells Hill and St Mark’s, Barnet Vale.


Lisa then provided everyone with some updates informing them that the Waitrose Community Matters raised £468. Members were delighted to hear this news. A new programme was also given out to members which goes to the end of this year.

The session then followed with a game of Bingo which everyone enjoyed with great concentration. Revd Tristan in fact helped by calling out the numbers with me. He needed no microphone as his voice was very loud.

Lisa then did a True or False quiz about the human body which was very interesting as the questions raised some medical questions regarding vaccinations and the importance of having them. Our Doctor Angela was able to explain to members the full details of vaccinations.

It was then time for the Tovertafel and members were gathered around the table eager to play. The football game is very popular as members get very excited and enjoy the challenge playing against each other. Other games were also enjoyed especially the flowers and the fish swimming.

There was time for another quiz and this time Lisa read out questions with multiple choice answers. The quiz brought some memories for some with the war and Laurie one of our members told us of his experience and just before he was going to learn how to fly he caught Polio and was in hospital for months.

Everyone enjoyed the session. Thank you to our volunteers – Melvyn, Dr Angela, Melissa, Arzu, Eric and of course Mark