The meeting on 3rd September at the Baden-Powel Centre , John Keeble Church,was one of fun and laughter.

A warm welcome followed by refreshments and a chat was the start of a fun and interactive afternoon. Mabel and Gunam showed us their creative skills with their water colour art.

On Richard's arrival for his Chair Yoga session,everyone including the team of helpers, positioned their chairs and took part. It was Chair Yoga with a twist, Richard made his exercises entertaining by adding in some Cricket Umpire hand gestures and arm movements and explained what each one meant.

James Le Beck entertained us with his music, and his music quiz,and lifted our spirits by getting us all on the dance floor!!! His music quiz is always great fun and very competitive. The aim for each member is to throw and get a six but sometimes interventions are necessary. You know when it has becomes very competitive when James would run after the dice as it rolls to tackle Helen who is helping the dice to land as a six.

The team of helpers from Northwick Park Rotary club were, Helen, Mollie, June, Ritu and President Rochelle, and from Edgware and Stanmore were Selwyn and Suresh Thank you to all named for making the afternoon great fun not only for our visitors but also for themselves.