A very busy session as usual. Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced 2 guests – a medical student from Cambridge University - Georgia Hui and Eric from the ‘Barnet Walking Football Team’. Georgia was grateful for the opportunity to sit and chat to members and Eric was very helpful throughout the session.

We also had some new members today and one of the members brought their little dog a cross breed cockapoodle, her name is ‘Bee’ She was very excited to see so many people and some of the members were happy to stroke her.

Lisa then briefed members with program updates and then gave out a picture for members to trace. This picture was taken from the recent Bletchley Park outing. There was lots of concentration as members were trying to trace their own character and transferring it onto another piece of paper. They enjoyed it.

There were also 3 birthdays to celebrate today. Brian Meads birthday was on the 18th August, Brian Copping’s birthday was on the 22nd August and Andreas Timotheou’s birthday was on the 25th August. Lisa brought 3 cakes and the birthdays were celebrated in the usual Dementia Club UK fashion.

The session then followed with our new music entertainers – Wayne and Charlie from Timeless Performers. They were absolutely amazing and got everyone up and dancing very quickly.

Thank you to all our volunteers today – Annette, Dr Angela, Angela Chen, Melvyn, Melissa, Eric and of course Mark.