This was a small group today and we were all in the hall as the Church organ was undergoing some major restoration.

Our volunteers – Brenda, Dorothy and Sue were as usual ready and waiting and had already organised the plates with biscuits. Lisa however also brought some of her left over chocolate birthday cake from yesterday which went down a treat.

Andrew the Church Warden had also brought the round tables downstairs to the hall and had them as usual covered in their tablecloths. Our Rotarians were also ready to greet everyone – Malcolm, Victor and Jim. Simon our quiz master although not able to attend had prepared a quiz and made sure it was delivered to Lisa.

When everyone was settled, Lisa welcomed everyone and informed them about some of the outings organised. She then read out the answers to the quiz as members found them quite hard.

Richard then arrived to do some chair yoga with everyone which is always challenging but fun. The session then followed with James Le Bec and as always James has a magical way of interacting with members and captures their attention. The dice game which is played trying to guess the name of the song is always fun and gets very competitive as each person who throws the dice tries to roll a six.

A lovely afternoon. Thank you to all our volunteers today especially Andrew who had to bring all the tables down which was hard work.