Today was as usual a very busy session. I was unfortunately short of volunteers. Melvyn thankfully set up for me but had to leave and I was grateful that Lizzy our new volunteer was also available. As always however some of the carers step in to help making the teas and coffees which I am very thankful.

Lisa started with a quiz about classic films which members found very interesting and led to discussions. The session then followed with Lisa reading some jokes making everyone laugh. Members always look forward to the jokes. Two poems were then given out to members and Lisa asked for different members to read verses from the poems.

At this point Mark arrived which was great for some extra help. The session then followed with singing from song sheets and some dancing to musical favourites. The session ended with Tovertafel which is always enjoyed by members.

Everyone left with a smile. Thank you to my volunteers – Melvyn, Lizzy and Mark and also to some of the carers.