A very busy session as always. Today members were entertained by Muz and Faz. Muz Janoowalla is a Director of his company called Ping is King Ltd


and he has developed several games with a twist which he has introduced to care homes and other organisations. He is now attending with his wife Faz and trying out all his games with our members at our various dementia club.

Members were delighted to see and try out some of the games using coloured plastic cups and coloured plastic balls of different sizes to bounce and catch in their hand. Members were then introduced to Pingo which is another version of Bingo with a twist. Members enjoyed the games.

Lisa then continued the session with some singing and then some exercise to music which followed with some dancing. The session finished with a quiz which members enjoyed as these were questions from a year going back to 1954 which brought back many memories and conversations.

Thank you to our volunteers today Angela Chen, Melvyn and of course Mark.

Mollie and June from The Rotary of Northwick Park ensured that members who attended (Rita, Joy, Irene and Mabel) with their carers received a warm welcome.

Tea was in the pot with cakes and biscuits on the tables, as well as funky colouring-in sheets and crayons.

After tea and chat, Danielle led a quiz of 60 questions, all of which generated even more chat and laughter. Everyone was able to participate with a broad variety of questions.

Our singer, James Le Bec, together with the lovely Joy, got us doing exercises to his music and led a musical film quiz. Mabel expertly threw the dice and, as ever, Kevin made us laugh. Dr Nandini gave the dancing a miss, whilst recovering from sciatica but Lisa and Mark were first on the dance floor.

It was a light-hearted fun and relaxing atmosphere which was enjoyed by all. Thank you to Rotarians from Edgware & Stanmore, Angelie and Suresh who multi-tasked, ensuring the clearing up was seamlessly done. See you next time, Tuesday 3rd December

Our monthly Dementia Club UK session was held on the 4th November at Sha’arei Tsedek Synagogue in Whetstone. Our members were served tea, coffee, delicious biscuits and cake at the start of our session and were happy chatting to each other.

Justine, the Session Leader, gave a brief talk on Guy Fawkes as it was Guy Fawkes Night the following day.

Our members then participated in an exercise session which was lead by the lovely Jane. All the members thoroughly enjoyed it.

Everyone then sang 'Happy Birthday' to Justine (Session Leader) & to one of our members, Chrystalla!

Then the amazing James LeBec entertained our members with a variety of popular songs to which many of the members and helpers danced. He also did a music quiz and our members had to guess the name of the song! It was very funny & very competitive!

36 members and carers attended the session with the assistance of seven helpers from the synagogue who were:- Justine, Gilda, Stephen, Keith, Caroline, Dot & Judy.

We had 12 members today with their carers and we also had 3 volunteers from Rotary Club Hendon – Eugenia, Charlyn and Franka who came with her mother Paulina and her mother in law Theresa.

As it was Halloween, Lisa surprised all the members with her witches hat which had long orange hair. Members sat and enjoyed their teas and coffees and were also further surprised as Lisa had brought some Halloween chocolate treats which everyone enjoyed whilst chatting

Lisa then suggested a game of bingo which everyone was happy to play especially as there were a couple of prizes to win. Members played for 2 lines and then it was time for the exercises with Eon who had prepared the chairs and was waiting.

Eon brought his dyna bands which he distributed to each members to use as part of the exercise. Members love to exercise with Eon as it’s always great fun and very challenging.

The session then continued with James Bernard who was ready to entertain. His choice of music and great voice always gets people up and dancing very quickly. It was a very happy session and everyone had a good time.

Thank you to our Rotary volunteers and also to Mark one of the Trustees who also helped throughout the session.

A very busy session as usual. The session today was led by Annette as Lisa had to go and do a talk about dementia to Northwick Park Hospital doctors and consultants.

Annette provided members with a quiz which was based on various topics. This kept members busy chatting amongst their group on the table to work out the answers whilst also enjoying their teas and coffees, biscuits and cakes.

Lisa organised a new music entertainer today – Ian James. Members really enjoyed his music and had a great afternoon, singing, clapping and dancing.

Thank you today to our volunteers who helped throughout the session – Dr Angela and Melissa, Theresa and Angela Chen.