A good session as always at the Synagogue. Members enjoyed a workout with Jane the new fitness instructor which they really enjoyed. The session the followed with James le Bec and this always motivates members to get up and dance and have lots of fun.

We had a small number of members today. It has been hot weather for the past week with sessions every day.

Lisa started the session with a multiple questions quiz which also prompted conversations amongst the members.

The session then followed with Jane who gave members a whole body workout focusing especially on exercises to prevent falls. Members finally enjoyed the social activities and some singing and dancing to their favourite songs.

Lisa is grateful for David one of the new volunteers (training to be a doctor)that came to help today during the session.

Today’s session was run by Eleanor. We had a good turnout of 35 members and carers who had not been tempted away by the glorious summer sunshine and high temperatures!

Kevin started the session with one of his popular ‘Poll of Barnet’ quizzes and Eleanor followed with a general knowledge quiz. The combined knowledge of our group is amazing and it was wonderful to see so many people joining in.

Next it was Dr Angela’s turn. She handed out an item of canned or bottled food or drink to each table and told us how they can help reduce symptoms of cramp. They included sparkling water, tonic water, oily fish etc. We are very grateful to Dr Angela for her enormous contribution to the Dementia Club and for her invaluable support and advice to all of us, both as a group and as individuals.

The remainder of the afternoon was led by our musical entertainer, Moshe, who performed music from across Europe and invited everyone to sing along. It was lovely to see so many members and carers joining in, with smiles on their faces.

Thank you to Melvyn, Karish and Eva for serving our refreshments and helping to make our sessions run so smoothly. We are so lucky to have two local school students amongst our volunteers. Thank you Karish and Eva!!

It was a very hot and sunny day and the small number of members who came to the session had a fantastic time with a few surprises.

The session started by offering the members teas and coffee plus a piece of very nice cake that was brought by Dorothy.

Richard then did exercise yoga with the members. He surprised everybody by introducing small colourful beanbags as part of the exercise. Everybody had a lot of fun throwing then up and down and to each other. They asked that he brings these beanbags in future sessions.

Chair yoga with Richard using colourful beanbags
Chair yoga with Richard using colourful beanbags

The session then followed with James Le Bec singing his usual popular songs and all members had a lot of fun by singing and dancing. James then surprised everybody by doing his music quiz using playing cards instead of the usual big dice.

Thank you to our lady volunteers making teas and coffees; Dorothy and Brenda, from St John’s Church.Thank you to Dr Rebecca for taking blood pressures and our Rotarians John, Jim, Victor and Simon.

This was a very busy session. The session started with a presentation from Luciana and John from Barnet REMAP. Their website can be found below:


Luciana explained to members about REMAP and how they have helped many people regain lost skills. Volunteers use their ingenuity and skills to make special equipment tailor made for people. Some of the pieces of equipment are simple, some more complex, some are new designs and others are modifications to existing products but everything made is given free.

Full house at Dementia Club UK
Full house at Dementia Club UK

Lisa then announced to members that there was a birthday to celebrate. It was Mariana’s 84th Birthday today and this was celebrated in the usual DCUK way.

Marianna's Birthday
Marianna's Birthday

The session then followed with Moshe who as usual entertains members really well. Everyone was up dancing. We also had 2 visitors today. We had Despina Pilavakis - Group Coordinator for Alzheimer's Society Barnet, Enfield and Haringey who is based at Barnet Dementia Club Salvation Army Hall in Hendon. We also had a new volunteer David Brill who has just finished studying medicine at University and will be starting to work at Barnet Hospital soon. In the meantime however David would like to volunteer at the sessions for a few weeks.

Thank you to my husband Mark for helping to set up and helping during the session.