A very busy session as usual today. Everyone was very excited today as they were looking forward to seeing James Bernard – his last performance before he leaves and emigrates to Los Angeles where his career in music will be taking off.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave an update with regards to future events on the programme. There was a birthday to celebrate today. It was Parthenis 84th Birthday. His wife brought the cake and as usual it was celebrated the Dementia Club UK style with a firework candle. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and Parthenis was very happy.

Another carer also brought a cake today and this was shared out too. James Bernard then made a grand entrance and everyone was so pleased to see him. Whilst he was getting ready to set up he had to pop out the room and Lisa had a surprise big cake for him with a firework candle on. As soon as he walked back everyone started singing –‘Congratulations and Celebrations’ .

James had no idea that it was for him and when he realised he was very touched. Everyone had a really enjoyable afternoon with lots of dancing and then wished James all the best for the future. Thank you to our volunteers today , Angela Chen, Radha, Melvyn and Annette and of course Mark.