I’m delighted to report that our launch today with BETTER Kentish Town Sports Centre was a great success.

It was lovely to see the number of people who attended. A number of organisations were also invited;

  • North London Carers – Juliet McNally
  • Camden Memory Service – Christopher Denney
  • Age UK Camden – Gabriela Garbutt
  • Imperial College London – Lesley and Monika
  • Camden Carers – Carol

Local people in the area who also heard about the launch were interested to visit because they knew someone with dementia and they wanted to visit first to see what it was like.

Andrew Gilbert (Community Sport Manager) welcomed everyone and said how delighted and excited he was that Kentish Town Sports Centre was joining in Association with Dementia Club UK and was looking forward to a continuous successful future together. Andrew then introduced Lisa – Chairman and founder of Dementia Club UK to say a few words.

Lisa gave a brief introduction about Dementia Club UK and how it started and how she was delighted to have opened a second out of the borough dementia club with BETTER Kentish Town Sports Centre. Lisa then mentioned that the venue brought back memories as it used to be the old baths. Lisa grew up in the local area and her parents used to visit the old baths regularly. It’s lovely to see the old pictures on the wall which makes interesting history about the venue before it was converted to a sports centre.

The speeches proceeded to the official signing to confirm that BETTER Kentish Town Sports Centre are now joined in Association with Dementia Club UK. This was signed by Andrew Gilbert and Adriana Duarte (Community Sports Officer).

A group photo was then taken with David White (Partnership Manager, Camden) who also attended the launch. This was followed with a celebration cake and a cake firework candle which everyone enjoyed watching.

It was then time for some music entertainment with the Timeless Performers Wayne and Charlie who were amazing and interacted with everyone getting them up dancing and singing. It was a successful afternoon and everyone commented how they really enjoyed themselves and looked forward to attending the next session which will include games, chair fitness and entertainment.

A big thank you to Andrew and Adriana for organising and setting up the room beautifully for the launch including snacks and healthy fruit for our guests and thank you also to Mark one of the Trustees of Dementia Club UK who was very busy looking after everyone who attended providing them with their teas and coffees.