It was lovely to see quite a few new members which also included members from our other venues.

Sarah and the Rotarians made sure members were served their teas and cakes and Lisa distributed some word searches and a quiz for everyone to guess the names of some old well known brands. They found the quiz very interesting and some of the brands were not so easy to guess.

It was then time for chair Yoga exercise as Richard arrived. Everyone enjoyed the exercises as Richard always makes it fun.

Chair Yoga at Eversfield Centre with Richard
Chair Yoga at Eversfield Centre with Richard

The session then continued with Lisa doing some social activities which included playing some of the favourite songs like ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’, The Birdy song’ and the ‘Hokey Cokey’ Members also sang some other favourites from the song book Lisa provided.

Lisa also got members to play catch with the 2 fluffy balls which everyone really enjoyed. It was a fun afternoon and everyone enjoyed their time.

Thank you to Sarah, Rotarian's President Desmond and his wife Bobsie, Jeanette, Jane and Ken and of course Mark my husband and Trustee who helped with the tables and chairs.