Today was as us usual a bust session. It was also a lovely warm day. Members enjoyed their teas/coffees and biscuits whilst chatting and Lisa also kept them busy with a word search which they enjoy doing.

Lisa then announced Mel’s birthday and in accordance with the Dementia Club UK traditions, Lisa gave Mel a birthday cake and lighted the firework candle. Mel was nicely surprised and enjoyed the attention.

Our music entertainer James Bernard then arrived. Members were really pleased to see him as he is amazing. James’s choice of music gets everyone up dancing.

Lisa also surprised members today with ice cream and each member had a Cornetto which was really enjoyed. When James left, Lisa then continued to do a quiz. These were questions on a particular year chosen by the members. This was interesting as members were able to talk about the various memories for that year.

Towards the end of the session, Dr Angela surprised us with her visit bringing a cheque to present to Lisa. The cheque was from Christ Church Southgate for £450 which was the sale proceeds of the jewellery Dementia Club UK donated for the May Fair on 6th May. This was a lovely surprise.

Our thanks today to Angela Chen our new volunteer who helped throughout the session. Also of course thanks to Mark our Trustee for setting up and helping throughout the session too.