A very busy session today. Members arrived and sat chatting with their friends whilst enjoying their teas and coffees and cakes and doing a word search.

Lisa welcomed everyone and reported on recent events. Dr Angela gave a report about the May Day event which was a real success but also commented that Enfield Council had charged £2000 for closing a couple of roads and this has made many people angry as they could not understand why it cost so much to shut a residential road.

Lisa then talked about upcoming events which everyone noted. It was now time for some Bingo and everyone was concentrating hard on their boards. This was followed by singing and lots of dancing and Lisa’s exercises to music which everyone enjoyed. The last part of the session was playing with The Tovertafel which is. always great fun.

Big thank you to all the volunteers, Lizzy and Angela our new volunteer, Dr Angela one of our Trustees who came with Melissa who not only helped with the teas and coffees but also danced with a few of the members. Thank you also to Mark our Trustee who helped with the set up of the room. Everyone had a lovely time