Today’s session was led by Danielle and Helen, starting with colouring-in art sheets, over cups of tea, coffee and delicious cakes and biscuits organised by Mollie and June. Helen then ran two quizzes, themed food/drink and general knowledge, in which all our visitors and carers enjoyed participating, by calling out the answers. Lucille’s popular bingo then followed which members enjoyed.

Lisa then announced to members about various upcoming events one of which included the launch party of the new Dementia Club with Rotary Club of Hendon on Thursday 25th April at Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs NW4 4AX. Lisa also announced that as the Alzheimer’s Society are no longer running their dementia cafes, Lisa has taken them over and will be running under the Dementia Club UK model – well done Lisa.

Richard then arrived to do chair yoga and decided to surprise members today by doing an alternative ‘hokey cokey’ version which meant sitting in their chairs and instead of singing ‘hokey cokey’ they would sing as ‘oh happy happy Tuesday’. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.

It was then time for James Le Bec to entertain us with his singing helped by his lovely assistant Joy who always helps to get everyone up and dancing. Mollie’s Charleston was most professional and in the music quiz when James gets members to throw the dice, we beat the last club by 1 point, with 112 points. There was time before the end for some games too.

The putting golf was out and the magnetic darts. One of the members Alfonso enjoyed playing several games of "Golf" He had fun counting the number of balls he got in - 6 in total. He was very happy and pleased with his score. Thanks to Suresh for washing up after tea, as well as Dr Nandini for being on hand to answer medical queries.

Thank you to Mollie, June and Lucille for their help during the session and of course thank you to Lisa and Mark for their continued support. As from the 2nd July we have decided to change the times at this venue to 2pm to 4pm so that they are in line with the other clubs.