It was a well-attended session today. Members were kept busy participating in a quiz which was quite challenging but enjoyable.

The session then followed with Eon the exercise instructor. One of the members felt that she had walked 100 miles. Eon makes everyone work hard but he also makes it fun.

James the singer then arrived and as usual his music and singing is fantastic. He announced to us all that he just got married last week at Hendon Town Hall and we all congratulated him. James’s music took people down memory lane. Lovely dance moves were observed and everyone radiated with joy. There were so much laughter, joy and buzz in the room.

Four Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Hendon facilitated this meeting – Eugene the Rotary Club President, Rita, Franka and Ayo. Thank you to our Rotary members for attending and making the session a success and to Lisa our Director who is always there to support us with Mark one of the Trustees who was helping during the session.