The session today was so busy more than ever with over 60 people. Lisa welcomed everyone and started the session reading some jokes which everyone enjoyed.

Lisa then introduced 2 visitors Harminder and Georgia from Argenti Care Technology PA Consultancy who came to show a number of their products which provide a lifeline to people giving them independence to live a normal life. Members asked a number of questions and a lot of interest was shown especially hearing their latest technology with Alexa and a watch which when warn can alert emergency services or family of someone’s fall which would work anywhere in the world.

The session then followed with a quiz reminiscing some interesting events in 1967. The year was chosen by members and some of the facts were very interesting. It was then time for some singing to various songs chosen by members and then followed by their usual favourite songs which gets members up dancing.

I would like to thank Melvyn, Mark and Arzu setting up and helping during-the session.