Today’s meeting, which was led by Eleanor, was very well attended, in fact we had a full house!

We were all very pleased to be joined by two very special young guests, Dr Angela’s grandchildren, James and Rowena. They had all been to see the film, The Wind in the Willows and, to everyone’s delight, James and Rowena acted out some of the characters and asked us to guess who they were. It was great fun!

Eleanor then did a music quiz. As well as identifying each song from a list everyone was given, members were asked to name the singer. There was fierce competition to see who could name the song and singer first and it was lovely to see so many people enjoying the music.

Eleanor’s sessions wouldn’t be complete without a game of card bingo and we finished with a general knowledge quiz. We have some extremely knowledgeable members at our Finchley Group!

Thank you to Dr Angela and Melvyn, who provided invaluable support, and to those members who very kindly helped with the washing up.