We had a very busy session with 31 members. After everyone settled with their teas, Lisa introduced Mark, one of the Trustees to start the quiz. Everyone looks forward to the quiz especially as each table becomes very competitive.

Richard then arrived to do the Chair Yoga with members. Richard always makes it not only challenging but very enjoyable. In fact members had overtime today because they wanted more.

Chair Yoga with Richard
Chair Yoga with Richard


Lisa had a poem today called ‘The True Meaning of Life’ As it had 11 verses, she got different members to read each verse. Everyone enjoyed reading the poem.

Lisa then played some of the usual music favourites which gets everyone singing and up dancing. It was near the end of the session and David one of the Golders Green Rotarians then told a joke which made members laugh.

Everyone left with a smile. Thank you to my Volunteers – Mark, Rotarians Michael, David and Dick for attending and helping. Also thank you to Risom who is always so helpful.