City of London Corporation Pensioner Conference 2016

In October 2016 Lisa was invited to the City of London Corporation Pensioner Conference to speak about the challenges of Dementia. There were two speakers at the conference and the two presentations were made into a booklet and sent to the pensioners of the City of London Corporation.

This has proved to be very helpful to some of the pensioners as shown in the feedback below:

"I do not know when I have read such an informative and helpful guidance on the subject. Unfortunately I have had three members of my family die with dementia, although at the time I did not know it was dementia, it was just treated as memory loss. I now have two other members of my family with the same symptoms and this presentation has now given me the information as to how to deal with it. Please pass on to Councillor Lisa Rutter my sincere congratulations and thanks for such an informative subject. I was only sorry not to be at the conference."

The presentation by Lisa has been transcribed and can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking the icon below, please be aware some of the information in the presentation has moved on since 2016, for example some of the drugs that were being tested have been proved not to work as anticipated.


PDF of Transcript
PDF of Transcript

Click on the image to left to download a transcript of Lisa's presentation to the City of London Corporation Pensioner Conference


Dementia Club UK Programme


DCUK Programme

Click on the image to left to download a programme of DCUK' sessions and a list of venue locations.


Middlesex University Research Study on Dementia Club UK

Dementia Club UK commissioned Middlesex University in March 2016 to undertake an independent research study to evaluate the impact and benefits of our provision on people living with dementia and their carers in the community.


Middlesex University Click on the image to left and you will be taken to the Middlesex University Research Repository. You will be asked some details and a link to download the document will be sent to you.



 You Tube Video

This video was taken by the students led by Matt Dowse of National Citizens Service - NCS. They made it as part of their team challenge to record a Dementia Club UK session at Hendon Town Hall and Finchley Memorial Hospital in the North London borough of Barnet.


 BBC at Dementia Club UK

The BBC have published a film after their visit to a Dementia Club UK Session at Finchley Memorial Hospital. The Tovertafel mentioned in the film was donated to the hospital by Dementia Club UK for the use by the community.


This video is by the inventor of the Toveltafel.

Barnet TV recorded the launch of the Dementia Club at St John’s United Reformed Church in association with the Rotary Club of Barnet on 25th September 2018