The following report is from session leader Annette:

"The session began as usual with housekeeping. There were 37 members, one Trustee and four volunteers in attendance. I welcomed Joan and Lynn and passed on our condolences on the passing of Mc. I also thanked all members who were there to pay our last respects. They were specially delighted at the turn out by members.

The theme of the session was ‘Our World’. I dressed in traditional Nigerian outfit and invited a friend, Sudha who turned up in a beautiful Indian Sari. Different objects and pictures of people, places, food and objects were distributed to members. The volunteers were given printed information about these items to enable them discuss with members.

Members discussing
Members discussing "Our World" objects at Dementia Club UK

Thereafter, I had an open question and answer session about their impressions. Sudha showed them how the sari is tied and they had an interactive session with her about the outfit. Laurie was excited about the story on Thai silk manufacture and showed off his silk tie. He drew our attention to the fact that the members sitting next to him were from Hungary, Egypt and other places.

This part ended up with a short talk about how we can exercise our brains finding out about different cultures, faiths, and discovering new things about our world.

Our internet was disappointing and songs I prepared in line with the theme could not be played. However, Eleanor read out the wordings of ‘What A Beautiful World’ while members tried to sing along. Eleanor led us in a game of cards which was enjoyed by all.

I thanked everyone for coming along and announced the details for our next session i.e. 22.11.17. special thanks to the volunteers especially Guests, Sudha and Sarah."

Thank you Annette for all your hard work in preparing and running the session and also Eleanor for her music and cards.