Annette took the session today.

Everyone had a great time. There was so much energy in the atmosphere and as usual it was joyful to see so many lightbulb moments on members faces.

The announcements were made as Lisa requested to start off the session and the register of attendees taken. Annette prepared photos for reminiscing today and also included a quiz and jokes; It was all centred on Cars.

James and Rowena Dr Angela’s grandchildren
James and Rowena Dr Angela’s grandchildren

The members enjoyed participating in the exercises which also prompted conversations around the theme. Members travelled down memory lane and shared stories highlighting treasured memories.

Moshe then arrived to entertain members with his music and took special requests from members. He included a Bollywood song for two of the members which they enjoyed. Happiness was on high level and most people were on their feet, dancing.

Everyone left with a smile. Thank you to Dr Angela and Melissa and Melvyn for their help today at the session.