It was a well-attended session today. Members were kept busy participating in a quiz which was quite challenging but enjoyable.

The session then followed with Eon the exercise instructor. One of the members felt that she had walked 100 miles. Eon makes everyone work hard but he also makes it fun.

James the singer then arrived and as usual his music and singing is fantastic. He announced to us all that he just got married last week at Hendon Town Hall and we all congratulated him. James’s music took people down memory lane. Lovely dance moves were observed and everyone radiated with joy. There were so much laughter, joy and buzz in the room.

Four Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Hendon facilitated this meeting – Eugene the Rotary Club President, Rita, Franka and Ayo. Thank you to our Rotary members for attending and making the session a success and to Lisa our Director who is always there to support us with Mark one of the Trustees who was helping during the session.

A busy session as usual. We now have to bring a bench seat into the room to accommodate more members.

Lisa welcomed everyone and made a few announcements. It was really wonderful to also see Rosetta today as her mum Tita recently passed away. Lisa welcomed her and members were all very pleased to see Rosetta.

Lisa then distributed a picture quiz of famous baby faces to all the members who had to guess who they were. This was great fun. Lisa then introduced her son Nick who is also one of the Trustees and he did an informal presentation about ‘White Noise’ Lisa asked members how many have trouble sleeping at night and as most members put their hand up, Nick then started his presentation to talk about a simple APP can be downloaded on your phone to help. Nick demonstrated all the different sounds which members can choose and gave out some leaflets with all the information. It was also great fun for members to try and guess what the sounds were.

Members were very grateful for this information and applauded Nick for his excellent presentation. Lisa then followed reading a few jokes which everyone always enjoys and then the session continued with Bingo and finished off with members singing their favourite songs and 2 of the carers leading without music singing some other favourite old time songs.

One of the members also had a photo of when they were married which she passed around for members to see. She had a beautiful Indian Sari and this prompted lots of memories for her which she shared with members.

Thank you to Lizzy our new volunteer for all her help throughout the session and also Mark one of the Trustees for his help throughout the session and Nick for his presentation.

A big thank you also to a few of the carers – Marina, Helen and Lynn for stepping up to help too. It was a very enjoyable session.

A busy session today with our Friends in Need members and other members. We also had a new Rotarian visitor called Shirli.

Simon our Rotary Club quiz master gave out a picture quiz of baby faces of famous people and members had to guess who they were. The baby faces were not cute and this made everyone laugh.

Richard our Yoga teacher then arrived. Members enjoy Richard’s workout as it is always fun. One of the exercises was from a well known song “Swing low Sweet Chariot Coming four to carry me home”

The session then followed with James and his music entertainment. As members were already warmed up they were ready for dancing. James’s name that tune is always fun especially with his throw a Dice. There is always a challenge to get the right answer and get as many points. This was a really fun session.

Thank you to our ladies in the kitchen, Sue and Dorothy for making the teas and coffees. Thank you to our Rotarians Malcolm, Jim and John for helping during the session and Simon for his amazing quizzes. Thank you to Mark one of the Trustees for his help during the session and also Andrew the Church Warden.


It was a beautiful sunny day and a busy session.

Lisa welcomed everyone and then started with a quiz which was challenging as usual but enjoyable. It was then exercise time with Joanna teaching Qi Gong to members involving lots of breathing techniques and easy movements. Joanna also attended with another colleague Nicola who is a Tai Chi teacher and wanted to visit.

Joanna teaching Qi Gong
Joanna teaching Qi Gong

 Members always feel very relaxed after. The session then followed with Ronnie's music entertainment which always gets members up and dancing. We also sang Happy Birthday today to one of the carers Danielle.

It was a very enjoyable session and everyone left with a smile.

The session today was so busy more than ever with over 60 people. Lisa welcomed everyone and started the session reading some jokes which everyone enjoyed.

Lisa then introduced 2 visitors Harminder and Georgia from Argenti Care Technology PA Consultancy who came to show a number of their products which provide a lifeline to people giving them independence to live a normal life. Members asked a number of questions and a lot of interest was shown especially hearing their latest technology with Alexa and a watch which when warn can alert emergency services or family of someone’s fall which would work anywhere in the world.

The session then followed with a quiz reminiscing some interesting events in 1967. The year was chosen by members and some of the facts were very interesting. It was then time for some singing to various songs chosen by members and then followed by their usual favourite songs which gets members up dancing.

I would like to thank Melvyn, Mark and Arzu setting up and helping during-the session.