Lisa stepped in today to run the session with Sasha the Rotary Club President of Elstree and Borehamwood as Pat and Sandra were away. It was also a pleasure to see the Elstree and Borehamwood Town Mayor Eric Silver attend the session.

Lisa gave members a quiz to start called 'Odd One Out' which was all about picking the odd words in a sentence and working out some jumbled letters to make a word.

This was then followed with chair exercises with Sarah. Everyone always enjoys the exercises with Sarah and especially her choice of music. The Mayor also enjoyed taking part. Members always feel they have had a good workout.

Chair exercises with Sarah
Chair exercises with Sarah

The session then followed with a new musical entertainer called Clare who really impressed us all with her fantastic performance. She sang some favourites which members really enjoyed and members also wanted to dance.

Clare really impressed us all with her fantastic performance
Clare really impressed us all with her fantastic performance

For the last part of the session, Lisa introduced some games like Putting golf, skittles, a dart board with Velcro wrapped balls that stick to the dart board when thrown, table tennis and some fluffy funny face balls which were passed around. The session was really enjoyable and very successful.

Members have a dance
Members have a dance

Thanks to Patrick O'Donnell, Xandy and Sasha's son Michael who were in charge registering members and writing labels. Thanks to Marijke who was in the kitchen helping to make tea/coffee and washing up. Also thanks to Tesco Borehamwood for sending Clare and Porshe who also helped with teas and coffees and washing up.

It was a pleasure to see Rotarian Nick Male who also volunteered in the session and Ann Goddard committee member. Thanks also to Eleanor a volunteer who attends the dementia clubs in Barnet who attended to help out in the session.

Our next session is on the 22nd August and we have the Elstree and Borehamwood Fire Brigade attending with their fire engine.

This video was taken by the students led by Matt Dowse of National Citizens Service - NCS. They made it as part of their team challenge to record a Dementia Club UK session at Hendon Town Hall and Finchley Memorial Hospital in the North London borough of Barnet.

As mentioned in the previous article, Anne Duggan, Family Liaison Manager from The Fremantle Trust invited me to attend one of The Fremantle Trust care homes - Apthorp care home at Nurserymans Road Brunswick Park Road N11 1EQ on Thursday 3rd August 2017.

Dementia Club UK are delighted to have recently received a proposal from The Fremantle Trust to sponsor one of the Dementia club venues, the Britannia centre for 12 months. This had been confirmed and look forward to our partnership. Anne also showed me around the care home and it was lovely to meet some of the care staff.

Lisa chairman of Dementia Club UK and Anne Duggan of the Fremantle Trust at Apthorp care home
Lisa chairman of Dementia Club UK and Anne Duggan of the Fremantle Trust at Apthorp care home

The Fremantle Trust are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Dementia Club UK would like to wish them continued success.

Today at the Finchley Memorial Hospital we had a big crowd even though it was a rainy dull day.

We had a few visitors; David Rose from Rotary Club of Radlett visited for the 2nd time and also brought with him Kathy. Valerie Chodosh from Rotary Club of Golders Green came with her granddaughter Saskia and further new visitors; Sue Jessel from Rotary Club of Enfield Chase, Tahsin from Rotary Club of Southgate.

I introduced the new visitors to all the members informing them that they may be prospective partners with Dementia Club UK and also announced the good news that The Fremantle Trust have agreed to sponsor the Dementia Club UK Britannia venue and pay for the hall for 12 months. Members were delighted to hear the news.

In the session today members did arts and crafts. We had some play dough to make things and also some face masks to colour. We also read some poems. Saskia also was happy to read. We then did some singing followed by Tai Chi with Egon.

We had some time for social activities and also one of the carers wanted to talk about a television program the night before showing how the elderly interacted with young primary school children. The program was a study over a number of weeks which showed that children had a good effect on the elderly making them more active and happier.

I ended the session as usual with reading some jokes which members enjoy.

My thanks to Eleanor and Melvyn for volunteering today


We were privileged that Steve Leader Borough Commander of Barnet London Fire Brigade came to give us a presentation about fire safety, the do's and don'ts and he also talked a little about the Grenfell Tower fire. Steve emphasised the importance of fire alarms in the homes and how they should be tested every 2 weeks. He also informed members that a Fire safety inspection can be done in their home for free and fire alarms fitted. Members were very grateful and found it very informative.

Steve Leader Borough Commander of Barnet London Fire Brigade presenting Fire Safety
Steve Leader Borough Commander of Barnet London Fire Brigade presenting Fire Safety

We also had some visitors today. We had NCS students again some of whom were the same students who visited recently. They heard that Dementia Club was coming to the Britannia centre venue and they all wanted to come and see us.

We had Anne Duggan from The Fremantle Trust. Lisa announced to members that The Fremantle Trust have proposed to sponsor Dementia Club UK to pay for the Britannia venue sessions for 12 months. Members we're delighted to hear the good news.

We also had John Michaelides from the Rotary Club of Barnet visit for the second time and informing us that the Rotary of Barnet are now nearly ready to proceed with the new venue in New Barnet. Another visitor was David Rose from Rotary club of Radlett. I was recently invited to speak at the Rotary club of Radlett and they are very interested also to set up a Dementia club in Radlett.

As today was the centenary of the battle of Passchendale, James, one of the carers had two poems to read to members one of which was called; Flanders Fields by John McCrae

The session then followed with James the Tai Chi instructor. NCS students were also joining in and James asked one of the students to help him demonstrate one of the movements. Members and NCS were exhausted after all the movements. For the last part of the session we did some singing and dancing and a short music quiz and then some social games activities.

We did not have any volunteers today but two of the carers, Marina and James helped during the session, my thanks to them.