We had over 40 members today.

Lisa started the session with reading some Valentine poems and members took turns in a couple of poems reading out some verses. Members then did some singing and a few dance routines they normally enjoy.

Richard then came and members were ready to do their chair yoga exercises which was enjoyed as usual.

Members then had the pleasure of meeting Helen Tierney. She brought a Harp and also an accordion to play. She was absolutely amazing. She played various familiar songs from all regions of the UK. It was lovely the way she interchanged from playing the accordion and then the Harp which was so beautifully played. Everyone really enjoyed the session.

Helen Tierney entertaining the members of Dementia Club UK at Stephens House and Gardens
Helen Tierney entertaining the members of Dementia Club UK at Stephens House and Gardens

My thanks to James one of the Carers who recommended Helen to me. Thank you to our Rotarian volunteers Dick, Ian, Michael and Valerie for their help during the session. Also thanks to Jeff and Mark one of our Trustees for their help and also Risson who is so helpful looking after all the members with refreshments.

The Times Series Newspaper group published an article on the forthcoming new venue at Baden-Powell Centre in Deans Lane, Edgware. This is in the grounds of John Keble Church.

This new club will be in association with the Rotary Club of Edgeware and Stanmore.

The article can be found here: www.times-series.co.uk/news/15984002.Dementia_Club_UK_to_open_free_club/

This was a very busy session with about 50 members.

Lisa introduced a smell sensory game. Members were asked to listen carefully to 3 recordings and were asked to try and identify what was happening in each.

The first recording was someone in the kitchen making a fruit cake in the 1940s. The type of kitchen equipment used identified the era. Lisa then opened a tin which had the scent of a fruit cake. Members were very good listening and describing the actions. The second recording was a man polishing his shoes and the last recording was a baby having a bath and getting dressed. The smell of baby powder passed around made members feel comforted.

Members of Dementia Club UK conentrating on their song sheets
Members of Dementia Club UK conentrating on their song sheets

The session then followed with some singing and then Lisa did some chair exercises with everyone. For the last part of the session Lisa introduced a quiz asking members to identify various famous faces by showing some photographs.

Tasoulla leading the singing and clapping
Tasoulla leading the singing and clapping


Despite a very cold day we had 42 members at this session. Gilda welcomed everyone and then Lisa did a quiz with everyone about ‘Tea’

The session then followed with music entertainment by Clare which was really enjoyable and a few members got up to dance. The session then followed with various games.

Clare leading the musical  entertainment
Clare leading the musical entertainment

Thank you to Stephen and Gilda our session leaders and our volunteers- Justine, Caroline, Judy, Dot and Keith for all their help.

Session Leader, Gilda added:

"We welcomed 42 guests and carers to the Cafe where we enjoyed our usual refreshments . Music was provided this week by Claire who sang a selection of songs from times past with us all joining in on occasion. Games and general conversation were enjoyed by all and we look forward to seeing everybody next month. Keep warm. Gilda x"

Lisa introduced a new game today called 'Chair Activity Bingo'

Each table was provided with a card which has 5 exercises on it. When someone picks an exercise, everyone has to perform that exercise and the table which has that particular exercise on their card, marks it with a counter. The table which marks all the exercises on their card wins.

As this took a while, members performed quite a few exercises but they felt good and they enjoyed playing this new game. We then had a birthday to celebrate - Fred's 97th birthday which was celebrated in the usual fashion.

Eleanor then followed providing members with song sheets to do some singing. Thank you to our volunteers Eleanor, Melvyn and Dr Angela for attending and helping out during the session.