We are still trying to build the numbers for this venue. Members that attend really like the venue as it is spacious and bright.

Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some word search and other quiz questions which they really enjoy whilst chatting and enjoying their teas and cakes.


Richard then arrived to do chair yoga. One particular member really looks forward to seeing Richard as he enjoys exercises. Richard always makes it fun. The session then followed with James Le Bec who never fails to entertain everyone.

The session was very enjoyable and everyone left with smiles. No volunteers except myself and Mark.

It was a rainy day but that doesn’t stop members. Everyone always enjoys attending this venue.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them their usual word searches and other quizzes to do whilst they enjoy chatting over teas and lovely cakes.

Eon then arrived to do the chair exercises. He introduced some soft balls today which enjoyed using and found some of the exercises challenging. He then continued with lots of other exercises for the whole body. It was hard work but also great fun.

Helen Tierney then arrived bringing her accordion, her Harp and her keyboard. She played some old time cockney East End songs which were a real treat as everyone enjoyed singing along with the song sheets. Members were buzzing today with joy and it didn’t take long for members to get up and dance. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Thank you to our Rotarian Valerie one of our Trustees and Rotarian Michael. Thank you also to Mark another Trustee for his help and also to Christine who works at the venue and served our teas and cakes.

Members always enjoy attending this venue as it is small and bright and feels very friendly and welcoming.

We had some new members join today also which was great. They attended the Dementia Awareness Day at Brent Cross which is how they became aware of this club.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them some water colour painting to do which they enjoyed. The session then followed with Annalisa showing members some exercises which is always fun and then followed by James our music entertainer who always knows the right type of music to play to get members up and dancing. The dice game is always a real challenge when everyone has to guess the name of the song and artist. It’s great fun.

Thank you to Stella who attended to help during the session and thank you to Annalisa and Mark one of the Trustees who also helped during the session.

A busy session as usual at the Finchley Memorial Hospital Lisa kept members busy with quizzes whilst having their teas and cakes.

A game of Bingo was played which is always taken seriously as members concentrate on their numbers.

Members were then very keen to show the items they brought to the session. It was very interesting and everyone enjoyed listening to the various stories.  As it was also D Day, one of the carers Helen talked about how her cousin found the gravestone of a lost family member who served in the war.

David in the pictures is showing members some of his paintings. Rochelle is holding a painting is the daughter of David and Norma. Her mum Norma is sitting down. Rochelle is proudly showing a painting her mum did.

David showing his painting of horses racing. Rochelle is also holding another painting her dad David painted of a model. This last painting means a great deal to the family as this is the boat they used to own and sale the English Channel many times before they sold it. It had great memories for them

Viv and Brian showed members the following pictures.

This is a picture of Brian who met the Queen Mother and Viv in the white dress next to the Queen Mother, Brian speaking to Prime Minister James Callaghan and Brian speaking to Richard Attenborough.

Brian showing members some of his medals he received in the RAF and some other medals.

The session then followed with the Tovertafel and Lisa showed members the new games which they really enjoyed.

We then had music and singing and dancing and everyone left with a smile. Thank you to our volunteers today. It was good to see Melvyn return after convalescing from his fall.

Thank you to our new volunteer Angela who is a great hit with members and thank you also to Risom who once again attended to help.

We started this week’s gathering with the usual tea, coffee and delicious cakes and biscuits prepared by the ladies of Northwick Park, Mollie, Ritu and Lucille. Session leader Danielle continued her 60s theme, with swinging background music playing, whilst 60s patterns were on the tables for visitors to enjoy colouring in

A lively start, with lots of chatting. We were delighted to welcome new local couple Siva and Gunam. Lisa the Chairman welcomed everyone and made some update announcements. Session leader Helen then opened the session following Lisa’s announcements and started the session with a general knowledge quiz which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

After lots of ongoing laughter, Richard calmed things down with his chair yoga exercises and introduced some new exercises using coloured scarves

Singer, James Le Bec, followed playing some ‘60s’ themed tunes, including The Beatles. His music quiz yet again caused lots of participation and laughter, especially when it came to rolling the dice. Everyone was up and dancing which was great. Thanks to Angelie and Joy, for getting everyone up from their seats

Thank you to Suresh for joining in and Dr Nandini for being on hand for medical questions. Our future sessions on the first Tuesday of the month will start at the earlier time of 2pm.