Dementia Club UK and The Rotary Club of Elstree and Borehamwood were delighted to receive a £300 celebration grant to be used for the 'Older People's Day during Silver Week' on 3rd October 2017.

Lisa Rutter Chairman of Dementia Club UK organised everything for this celebration afternoon. There were plenty of sandwiches and cakes and refreshments and the tables were beautifully decorated with red tablecloths and flower arrangements and we also had small fresh flower arrangements along the stage.

The event was very successful and I was very pleased to welcome the Town Mayor Cllr Eric Silver, some of the Elstree and Borehamwood Dementia Club members who attend the Tuesdays Elstree and Borehamwood Dementia Club UK at Fairway Hall and was also pleased to welcome a group of Dementia Club UK members from the Borough of Barnet.

Lisa had organised a live jazz quartet - the Ionian Classical Clarinet Quartet who played some live Jazz. Everyone enjoyed lots of singing and some dancing and also enjoyed the food. We also celebrated a member's birthday in the usual Dementia Club UK way with a small birthday cake with not only a normal candle but also a firework birthday candle. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and the birthday member also takes home the cake.

Our thanks to the volunteers who attended and helped during the session and the members of the Rotary Club of Elstree and Borehamwood committee. A big thank you to Hertsmere Borough Council for funding this event.

The local paper also wrote an article, click the link below:

Here is a YouTube of the event:


I was delighted to attend the Silver Sunday afternoon tea at Woodhouse College N12 organised by Barnet Council and Barnet Senior Assembly ‘BSA’.

The Mayor of Barnet attended and visited all the various stalls including Dementia Club UK There were about 300 people that attended and this was the first time at this venue which was very successful.

The Mayor of Barnet at Silver Sunday afternoon tea at Woodhouse College N12
The Mayor of Barnet at Silver Sunday afternoon tea at Woodhouse College N12

There was various entertainment and prize giving sponsored by the Rotary Club of Barnet who gave prizes to artworks done by people in care homes and other organisations. Well done to BSA and Barnet Council for organising this.

There were a small number of members at Hendon Town Hall today, but a very enjoyable session with lots of laughter.

I gave them some brain teaser quizzes which were really fun and then distributed some safety bells which were provided by the Safer Neighbourhood Police. These small bells are attached to a purse in a lady's handbag. If someone then tries to put his hand in the handbag then the person will be alerted.

The session then followed with exercise to music and also dancing which everyone enjoyed. We then had a chat about holiday destinations and some members enjoyed talking about their holidays and lots of memories.

Thanks to volunteer Darica who is a University student

Annette took the session again today at Finchley Memorial Hospital and she wrote the following:

The session started with the usual protocol and there were thirty-one members and two volunteers; Karen and Eleanor in attendance. Laurie was given a rousing applause after welcoming him and announcing he had been in hospital for six days and now fully recovered.

The lost and found umbrella was also thankfully received by its owner. There was one birthday celebrant present i.e. Brian Smith. We all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and gave him birthday wishes. The session then followed with a music quiz and followed with usual games of golf.

The earlier part of the day was spent discussing famous people using photos of them. Conversation was on things the famous did that made them loved, that inspired people and the impact of success on us all. Members were reminded that we all have successes to celebrate in our own lives too.

The session ended with gratitude and information was given on the next two sessions to be held on 28th September and 2nd October.

Our thanks to Annette, Karen and Eleanor.

At Fairway Hall today over 30 guests carers and friends came along to have a great afternoon of fun and entertainment. We also had a few members from Barnet. Sarah took us through our paces with a variety of music from the 60s. Town Council Mayor Eric Silver came and joined us having his photo taken with many members present.

After we had more or less got our breath back James Le Bec got us singing along and then up and dancing again. His ‘Guess the Musical" made us all laugh; so much cheating going on even the 2 PCSO'S presence could not stop changing the way the dice scores were changed and recorded.

The PCSO'S, Andrea Gibson and Andrew Christian from Borehamwood Police Station also joined in the fun. They also however gave members bells which can be attached to a ladies purse in a handbag. The idea is that the bell will sound if a thief tries to steal the purse from inside the handbag. Hopefully this would be enough to alert you and deter the thief.

Dr Rebecca Hatijiosif also attended and took blood pressures and was there to chat to anyone who needed advice. Thank you to the many volunteers that make this possible. The goodwill and happy atmosphere is infectious Happy Birthday to Pamela Sowden. She really enjoyed her cake and sparkling firework candle. No we couldn’t blow it out!

Thank you to Lisa our Chairman who attended and helped to lead the session. Thank you to Sandra and Sasha our other session leaders, Sasha's son Michael, Xandy and Patrick for registering the members. Marijke and Marian from Tesco Borehamwood for volunteering to help in the kitchen and also to Jo one of the carers who helped to position the tables at the beginning.