Trapped in an Unknown World – Lisa Rutter

Jan 7, 2019 | Poetry

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We come into this world with no worries

We grow up and make many wonderful memories

Then suddenly you learn about this terrible disease


Dementia takes over your life

And destroys everything you dreamed of

Stealing your life and ripping apart the people you love.


The whole family is affected

And the daily challenges are painful

I’ve watched my mum right from the start


Denial, confusion, fear and sadness sets in

Together like a poisonous cocktail

Destroying the brain bit by bit

Until the person you love is no longer there


My mum I used to know is slowly slipping away

As her recent memories have been stolen.

She is now like a child, calling me mum

And her husband is her daddy


Mum is now in a nursing home

And takes comfort with her baby doll

She loves to hear her favourite song

She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain


There is something magical about this song

As Mum’s face lights up with joy and she starts to sing

It’s light turning on the light in a dark room


Mum still smiles and kisses everyone

But I’m not sure if she really knows me.

She tries to reach out and speak to me

But her words make no sense to me.


She takes my hand and looks at me

I can see the frustration in her eyes

She’s Trapped and unable to communicate

She’s Trapped in an Unknown World


And then there are moments of clarity

When she suddenly makes me shudder and says

I know there’s something wrong with me



No one really understands what dementia is like

It has become the biggest fear


For the carers and families it is sad and devastating

To watch the person you love deteriorate


I can only hope mum finds some happiness

Trapped in this Unknown World


Lisa Rutter